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Mercedes Reveals Electric SLS

Sep 30, 2012

Written by Justin P. (r8lover)

Electric cars seem to be all the rage at this time, and it seems supercar makers have decided to jump on the boat as well. Mercedes Benz is no exception to this rule with their new 2014 SLS AMG Coupe Electric Drive. We've seen the SLS E-Cell concept, and like that, the Electric Drive does not look much different from the standard SLS. 




The biggest differences that can be seen is the new blue, and (in my opinion) oddly styled grill. Another minimal change is the change in the badge behind the side vent. Coming around to the back, we can see that the tailpipes have been removed as well. Other than these changes though, the SLS Electric Drive retains the styling of the base SLS coupe.


Performance-wise, the electrically powered SLS pulls up to 60 in 3.9 seconds, just .3 seconds slower than the gas powered one. It will continue on to an limited top speed of 155 MPH. This performance is made possible through the 4 electric motors which total 740 HP. These figures are not just impressive for an electric car, but they also make it the fastest and most powerful electric car on the market.


To counteract the 1200 lbs of weight that are added by the batteries, Mercedes has decided to add a full carbon fiber monocoque. This gives the body a 30% weight reduction over the standard aluminum.



Very impressive performance for a purely electric car, especially one that can do 150 miles on one charge. If you want to take it back out again for a nice drive once it runs out of juice, you're going to have to wait a whopping 20 hours for it to recharge on a normal household outlet. Mercedes does plan to offer a quick charging option, but it will most likely add a several thousand dollars to the $536,000 price tag. There is no official plans to release the car in the US, but I'm assuming it is likely.

Personally, I think this is a stupid car. It's slower, more expensive, and is only a fraction as usable as the SLS AMG GT. What do you think of this car? Will it be a huge success, or a massive flop ? Leave your opinions below.

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Posted:  07/15/2016 02:11:32
It looks like a cheaper verzion
Posted:  09/27/2013 18:42:34
What's the point of paying so much money for an electric car? In theory, you're supposed to save money in the long run by not paying for gas. But with a car at this price, you're never going to offset the savings.

And no, a couple of electric SLS's is not going to save the planet either.
Posted:  10/02/2012 00:22:47
Thanks everyone for the feedback!
Posted:  10/01/2012 22:16:24
I like the new styling, color, and lack of exhausts 100X more than the original SLS but i think this car really has no use because i can just get the same color on something like a Maybach which works 1,000X better.

Great article though!!!
Posted:  10/01/2012 22:02:46
@ExoticCars98: The Fisker Karma is different because I think they were trying to make that like an electric Quattroporte and people aren't buying it for speed or as a super car. If you're buying an SLS, you are usually buying it for speed and show, not to be economical or whatever this car is... haha
Posted:  10/01/2012 18:34:51
Great post! I have to agree with andrewo on this one and say this car is completely useless. If you have the money to spend on an SLS, it's not like it makes a difference to you that it gets about 10 miles to the gallon of gas. To them, money isn't even really a factor when it comes to their cars. Like andrewo says, why would you pay more money for a car that is slower, plays fake engine noises, and that you couldn't drive every time you might want to because it's too busy charging for the next 20 hours. C'mon Mercedes, I know you're better than this...
Posted:  10/01/2012 18:31:51
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Seriously? By the sound of it, it sounds like one of those Little Tikes Power Wheels that only go 2 mph, and play fake music. The only thing I like about this is the color
Posted:  10/01/2012 15:51:45
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nice article!
Posted:  10/01/2012 14:38:09
@Exocticars98 If I wanted an environmentally friendly supercar, I'd get the Ronn Motors Scorpion, which was a hydrogen supercar capable of 200MPH.

EDIT: I just realized that is hydrogen assisted, not fully hydrogen.
Posted:  10/01/2012 10:50:39
looks very nice love this colour on it liked the old Fluorescent Yellow colour too.
Posted:  10/01/2012 08:21:12
I think this car will be a lot like the fisker karma, for instance, every movie star will probably have one, and otherwise, i dont really see the point it has, because it costs a small fortune extra, and what do you get? a SLS that is limited to 155 MPH, if you ask an enviromentalist, they can probably give you a million reasons why this is better, but in thw world of electric supercars, iprefer the audi R8 e tron.
Posted:  10/01/2012 07:48:33
it looks nice,but for real,i would buy the normal SLS without even thinking..
Posted:  10/01/2012 07:11:45
Incredibly! I actually didn't even know about the engine noise thing. That's just plain stupid.
Posted:  09/30/2012 23:50:02
This is one of the dumbest cars ever. Why pay $330,000 extra for a SLS that is slower, looks weird, only goes 150 miles, and takes 20 hours to charge!?!?! You forgot the worst part of it. The speakers in the car constantly play you fake engine noise as you are driving to make it sound like a regular SLS. How dumb is that?
Posted:  09/30/2012 23:48:39
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