Bentley Continental  |  Spotted in San Francisco, California

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Bentley Continental spotted in San Francisco, California

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    San Francisco, California
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    Spotted this Bentley Continental GT in San Francisco, CA. The driver had Obama stickers all over the car.
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    bentley continental  
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Comments (16 total)
Oh good God!
Posted:  03/08/2013 20:11:19
Okay, commented.
Posted:  09/24/2012 23:13:07
I do that after my excercise because if you've already lost the calories, it doesn't matter as much as if you do before. And it depends on the rest of the day and if i feel like doing that.
Posted:  09/24/2012 23:05:10
I starve myself before car spotting so i can lose calories instead of burn carbs. It may hurt but obviously it's worth it when you lose a lot of weight.
Posted:  09/24/2012 22:59:40
I have to take vitamins every morning too and eat EXTRA protein because of bodybuilding and vegetarianism.
And i have asthma so i'm not really into aerobic sports, just the bodybuilding, golf, and tennis, and running after cars (more dangerously than i should)

And i definately dont starve myself (except for summers and weekends)
Posted:  09/24/2012 22:55:11
Yeah, all the one's i like are mostly italian.
I've never eaten 5 guys before (because i'm a vegetarian)

I could lose more weight but i'm into bodybuilding so i like having muscle.
Posted:  09/24/2012 22:50:34
I hate fast foods too.
I like Lil' Ceasers, Sbarro's, and sometimes taco bell but i hate McDonalds, burger king, and all those one's.
Those foods had me weighing 225 pounds(mostly fat) last year but over the summer i lost weight and now i'm 185 (and mostly muscle).
Posted:  09/24/2012 22:48:42
The one's without meat looked pretty good actually (i'm a vegetarian).
We dont have that here though. Definately wouldn't even sell a single dish in New York, people here dont like eating anything they think is different or odd. Hard enough to find anyone who likes sushi or tofu or puerto rican food here. People at my school thought the pair i brought to lunch was a potato. Lol. And thats in 10th grade they did that.
Posted:  09/24/2012 22:41:54
No, what are they???
Posted:  09/24/2012 22:35:57
um... those arent the kind of politics i was thinking but;
yes, i've had Tim Hortons.
who's poutine?
never heard of Terry Fox
i have heard Drake and Justin Bieber, i dont like either of the two.
Posted:  09/24/2012 21:46:04
Because you aren't american.
Just like i've never even heard of Canadian politics.
Posted:  09/24/2012 21:21:45
I prefer(some of) my cars with Obama on them
Posted:  09/24/2012 21:15:48
I like Bentleys but not with Obama's face on it haha
Posted:  09/24/2012 21:14:16
Fixed that bentley
Posted:  09/24/2012 21:05:59

Posted:  09/24/2012 21:05:01
LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Definate like and favorite!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
OBAMA THA BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Posted:  09/24/2012 20:59:30
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