TVR Tuscan  |  Spotted in Leeds, United Kingdom

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TVR Tuscan spotted in Leeds, United Kingdom

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    Leeds, United Kingdom
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    Amazing black Tuscan, with it's roof off on a beautiful day in Leeds. Sounded amazing!
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    TVR Tuscan Leeds England UK GB United Kingdom  
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Comments (28 total)
Ok appreciate you telling me and sorry about my swearing
Posted:  09/23/2012 18:47:18
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and btw do you own one of these cars??????
Posted:  09/23/2012 18:30:12
dude im done and how the f*ck am i 2 on here u dum f*ck u prolly the 1 who 2 think b4 u say sumthin dum ass @ ferrari 458italia god dam u guys r way 2 serious about cars yall dont even own
Posted:  09/23/2012 18:24:50
hes probly 2
Posted:  09/23/2012 18:18:35
naw i dont lie about my age that would be a tab bit weird and i dont act like im tenn
Posted:  09/23/2012 18:17:26
omfg i failed you viper exoticspotter prefers the epic fail tvr than an all american classic the dodge Viper. Its a sad day in Michigan for the spotter.
Posted:  09/23/2012 18:07:47
Look at any site which has figures of the Viper and TVR, and it will clearly say the same thing!
Posted:  09/23/2012 17:53:11
Posted:  09/23/2012 17:50:27
o r8lover they got u to u think tvr's r better than vipers
Posted:  09/23/2012 17:48:06
Look Under "Third generation ZB (2003–2008)"
Look Under "Performance"

@Supercar Spotter: That's due to being Lightweight and power to weight ratio of course. TVR is Lighter, yet Viper is more powerful. But the TVR would have a better power to weight ratio i believe!
Posted:  09/23/2012 17:47:50
what ur bluffing send me link to the source of ur info
Posted:  09/23/2012 17:45:39
0-60MPH time of last variation of TVR Tuscan: 3.68 Seconds
0-60MPH time of Viper Third Gen Coupe: 3.8 Seconds...

Both models are 2006 models too...

Says a lot!

Wikipedia says it's a LS9 Corvette ZR1 engine, but they may use different engines...
Posted:  09/23/2012 17:43:41
no its a vipe engine look it up not a vette even tho the vette is one of the bestcars of our time
Posted:  09/23/2012 17:40:50
NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I refuse to be bested by some tvr lovin punks Okaii listen up if a TVR Tuscan took on a dodge viper srt10 who would win the viper? Ha the question is rhetorical of course the viper that v10 smacks all of Tvr's junk parts they call an engine thats made from a scrapped viper engine lol
Posted:  09/23/2012 17:39:22
Except the British chassis...without a chassis, a car is nothing more than an engine with some body parts surrounding it. No structural integrity!

BTW, the Venom GT is actually built in England :P Just the engine is sourced from the states...

oh and also, the Engine is not a Viper engine's an LS9, 6.2 unit from the 'vette!
Posted:  09/23/2012 17:38:33
Lol sooooo its still got all american parts so get pwned
Posted:  09/23/2012 17:34:28
The Hennessey Venom GT is based on a Lotus Exige....British car, lightweight. Yes it might have a Great thumping Viper Engine, but that engine is useless if a car weighs the same as a small african country. That's why they mounted the engine on a British Lightweight chassis! Exactly the principle like TVR does (Or did), to their cars, for over 40 years!
Posted:  09/23/2012 17:34:07
dam lol dude i can spell it im jus on my computer so i get lazy and mispell lol. i think i lost this argument but im not going out without a fight Cerbera speed 12 may be fast but the hennessy venom gt is way faster and it uses a viper engine Now wat biatch you cant comeback from that Vipes Rape
Posted:  09/23/2012 17:31:39
"Downright Piece of sh*t"...Vipers are fast...but you are forgetting the TVR Cerbera Speed 12....That is one of THE FASTEST cars on the planet...over 240MPH. The Sagaris is incredibly fast at 0-60MPH, as well as a lot more powerful TVR's. Because of TVR's simplicity, they are Light, which is ALWAYS good for performance.

TVR's may be sh*t in your eyes, but in everyone elses on this site, they are absolutely awesome...just look at the Sagaris...!
Posted:  09/23/2012 17:24:10
hey i guess i didnt literally mean gay i meant THIS IS A DOWNRIGHT PEACE OF sh*t FROM HELL LOL jus my opinion i could care less about a cars rarity i care about wat makes the car aawesome like the looks of a viper and the performance ( lol only the new viper). Are you one of those people that likes cars for attention or because you think you will look cool in it @supercar spotter
Posted:  09/23/2012 17:20:00
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