Porsche 911 GT3  |  Spotted in Rock Hill, South Carolina

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Porsche 911 GT3 spotted in Rock Hill, South Carolina

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    Rock Hill, South Carolina
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    I was running to Target real quick and I saw this manual (yes manual) GT3 at the Best Buy right next to it! Definitely didn’t expect to see this
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    Porsche 911 GT3 Rock Hill South Carolina  
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Comments (13 total)
Honestly, we could have all 500 GT2RSs in the Charlotte area, and if they all just sat in people's garages all the time then we might as well not have any. People who only buy cool cars as investments, should not be allowed to buy cars imo.
Posted:  10/12/2021 00:04:08
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Yep there were 2 997 GT2 RS' in Charlotte, one belonging to Hendrick Porsche (which I believe has sold) and the one in Lake Norman is a garage queen, if there is a Zonda then that will be very cool!
Posted:  10/11/2021 19:41:12
I heard about the Zonda in a group chat with some other people from Charlotte. It was a "I know someone who knows someone who supposedly has a Zonda" kind of thing. I believe there's also a 1 of 500 997 GT2RS up in the Lake Norman area as well. There's a 1960s Iso Grifo in the Charlotte area as well and I think it might be near the lake.
Posted:  10/11/2021 15:33:12
Zonda Roadster? Crazy, only thing I heard of in the lake norman-cornelius area is an LFA Nurburgring that used to be owned by a nascar driver which sold to a dealer in Germany a couple months back.
You have to have special permission to see the private collection of RK Motors, same with Hendrick's, there are also 11 SVJ's total in the Charlotte area, 2 green, one white, purple (indian land SC based), 1 blue, 1 orange, 1 viola SE30, 1 orange (former asheville and raleigh car), 1 gray, and a matte purple one (im probably missing 1 or 2). There are also 3 Sennas in Charlotte right now so it's not a surprise to hear one being driven around Charlotte since McLaren Charlotte drove their Bugatti around downtown CLT a month or so ago.
There is also a 1 of 55 Pista Piloti in Cornelius which is often displayed at FCI in greensboro too. The Miura that @mazdafreak mentioned is a Lake Norman car too
You can also visit this website: https://exclusivecarregistry.com/list?make=&model=&version=&color=&interior=&location=united+states%2Cnorth+carolina&owner=&uploader=&status=&drive=&sort=1 and take a look at some of the other stuff in NC as well
Posted:  10/11/2021 11:32:12
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I think it's a Zonda Roadster but I've only heard rumors of it. I think you can go in RK motors when they're open, but typically the super rare stuff isn't on display. Over the course of a few hours yesterday in Charlotte I saw a previous-gen Vantage Roadster, first gen R8 V10 Spyder, final-gen Viper, AMG GT, GranTurismo MC Stradale Cabriolet, 570S, Huracan Evo, Huracan Performante, Urus, Elise, 991.2 GT3RS, new Ghost, and probably some other stuff I've forgotten about (plus the hundreds of Bentleys and Maseratis everywhere). If the weather was a little nicer there probably would have been more interesting cars out honestly, and I definitely would have seen some more stuff if I drove around that evening.
Posted:  10/10/2021 23:51:40
WOW! Even more exotics than I eve expected, and thanks for the responses! Also a couple questions: Can you go into RK motors, or do you have to have an appointment? Also do you know what the Zonda looks like, and or what model of Zonda it is?
Posted:  10/10/2021 22:32:37
I believe the metallic black one was wrapped matte black and wheels were powdercoated as well (they were originally silver). It's the same VIN, bought from Lamborghini of Denver. To add to @Nccars post, there's an orange Miura running around north of Charlotte which periodically makes appearances at various car shows, supposedly there's a Zonda in the Lake Norman area as well. Think there are six SVJs and one or two Sennas around as well (I heard of one being driven on Arrowood Rd of all places a year or two ago). Up in Hickory (about an hour outside of Charlotte) there is supposedly a 599 GTB with a gated manual, one of 20 in the US.
Posted:  10/10/2021 21:04:41
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The owner of murci that was there also is the owner of the sv roadster that was there, my friend talked to the owner and gave him that list of what he owned
There was also a matte black STO there with temporary tags at the show and there's also a metallic black one somewhere too
Charlotte surprisingly enough has a lot of pretty cool stuff, the RK Motors Charlotte has a McLaren F1, F40, 959, 250 TDF and 2 original lemans winning Gt40's. Rick Hendrick's personal collection is also here too which includes a bunch of VIN 1 cars, LaFerrari, 599 GTO, SL65 BS, 911R, 918, and over 60 corvette stingrays. Sadly none of them get driven really, there is also the Lotec C1000 which is a 1/1 that is owned by Eddie Littlfield (owner of Lamborghini Charlotte). The regera at McLaren Charlotte is also owned by someone here and I guess he's not putting miles on it. There also use to be an original signed off GT40 by Carol Shelby himself but that sold I think 2 years ago, it use to appear at the local cars and coffee in Weddington all the time
Posted:  10/10/2021 20:12:51
Wow, there seems to an incredible amount of exotics in the Charlotte area! Just out of curiosity, what are some of the rarest you know of in the area?
Posted:  10/10/2021 15:56:10
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I saw the SV yesterday morning at Lamborghini Charlotte, looked insane in person. Cool to see a few new to the area SVs now that everyone is getting SVJs and STOs lol. Is his Murci Roadster a red LP640 with white interior?
Posted:  10/10/2021 15:53:19
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Thank you! Yeah its a really nice spec too!
Speaking of Rock Hill, someone apparently got an SV roadster in Rock Hill and brought it out the Lamborghini Charlotte show yesterday! Same owner has a Monterrey blue Diablo, Murci roadster, Aventador roadster (which I think is sold now), and an Elise!
Posted:  10/10/2021 13:31:23
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About 30 mins south of Charlotte. Awesome spot! Can't beat a manual in a GT3 (or any car really).
Posted:  10/10/2021 03:32:45
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Wow awesome spot! Where is Rock Hill south Carolina?
Posted:  10/09/2021 21:13:03
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