Porsche 911  |  Spotted in Deal, New Jersey

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Porsche 911 spotted in Deal, New Jersey

Details on This Porsche 911:

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    Deal, New Jersey
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    Nice 991 Cabrio parked on Whitehall Ave.
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Comments (30 total)
Thanks Ashoor! I really appreciate it
Posted:  11/27/2015 20:22:37
Car spotting and house spotting at the same time! Great shot and creative idea to combine them!
Posted:  11/27/2015 18:59:02
Hmmm. That's an interesting way of looking at that. I agree with that.
Posted:  11/26/2015 17:07:28
I'm going to go out on a limb here and say I actually don't mind seeing great photos featured, even if the subject matter isn't particularly exotic (and yes I know that's contrary to the whole idea of the site!)
As someone who lives in a small city where a 911 is often the most exotic car I'll see in a week, I like that it can still get noticed if I make an attempt at getting a decent photo.
Unfortunately even the most high-end cars -- Veyron, Pagani, 918 etc -- are becoming very common on here, with people flooding the site with photos from Car Week or the average day in Monaco. I have no issue with putting more emphasis on photo quality.
Posted:  11/26/2015 01:40:03
Thanks William!
Thank you Matt! Yeah this house is sweet.
Chuck, I completely see what you're saying. I also see quite a few 911s daily in NJ, just thought this one looked cool with the house in the back. Not once did I think it would get featured, but I figured it was worth sharing. I posted a pic of a black 458 a couple of days ago and it was featured for about 20 minutes haha (like almost everyone else, I'd rather see that 458 on the front page over this 911). I liked how it was before, when pics were featured based on the car and not on the picture itself.
But I agree with @bullchaser, we have to give the admins a break. It's not going to be a perfect system right from the start, it will come with time
Posted:  11/25/2015 20:06:25
Well said Bullchaser. I have had a few messages saying that my DBS photo (http://www.exoticspotter.com/aston-martin-dbs-auckland-new-zealand-214844) should be featured, but I said there are more exotic cars to feature, so I wouldn't be surprised if it didn't get featured. Let's hope that certain shots of the unfeatured exotics do get featured though, because some of the shots are incredible!
Posted:  11/25/2015 19:16:47
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Yeah I agree I get a lot more out of those super rare cars too. I wouldn't like to see a ton of 911's on here either, but if 1 makes its way on here out of 30, I don't think it's that big of a deal.
Unfeaturing cars I am more against unless it is really a bad picture.
Posted:  11/25/2015 18:58:54
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I agree that this probably isn't the best change, but I don't think they are just going to leave it like this. The administrators said they are willing to change so I think they will be able to change this as well. Yeah, it's annoying when your Aventador gets unfeatured. I would hate it too, but I mean in the end these are all just cars and this site is just for fun. I don't exactly like it's current format but I'm not just going to leave the site because of it.
Posted:  11/25/2015 18:50:16
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Yeah I don't really want to go back either, but it definitely needs to change. Through changes in the future, eventually they will get something that will actually work and that people will like
Posted:  11/25/2015 18:24:44
Jack, as of now, I'm keen to see how much the site changes to determine whether I want it to go back to the original state, or keep it as it is now. It isn't the best right now, but times will change. Let's hope the site ends up changing for the good, not for the worse.
Posted:  11/25/2015 18:21:20
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Same Rico. I can literally walk to my neighbor's house if I want to see a G63, and walk to my other neighbor's house if I want to see a 911. It's not hard to find these and post them. I try to find rarer cars, because it actually becomes a sort of challenge. These just don't cut it for me.
Also Luke my shot of an Aventador got unfeatured faster than this. (It wasn't the best shot, but still!)
Posted:  11/25/2015 18:16:48
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Same Rico. I come on here to see the main uploaders uploading the photos of Lambos, McLarens, Ferrari's, etc, not really the 911's. I don't complain when the 911's get posted, but it's odd when one gets featured, especially since separate shots of a Red Lotus Evora, Lamborghini Huracan and a White 458 got unfeatured. It is extremely odd and unfair for the uploader when they see their rare find unfeatured. This is why I'm going to refrain from uploading for a little while, until I actually know all is well. Because I may post a Lamborghini that is rare in New Zealand, but may be common else where and it could get unfeatured, which would almost certainly piss me off. I'm not the only one who is not the happiest about the most recent changes, especially with the featured page. However, it will change over time, how much it changes is undetermined, but let's hope it changes for the best because the way it is going, there will be a lot of existing high ranked spotters who will simply leave and find somewhere else to post photos. Let's hope it doesn't get that way.
Posted:  11/25/2015 18:02:29
Agreed Pags. When I messaged Gregg he said it's because "90% of people on the site are just looking for good pictures", but that's really not true. Has he not seen all these people complaining (rightfully so) about it?

Also @ExoticSam
This G63: http://www.exoticspotter.com/other-other-london-united-kingdom-214619
It was on the featured page
Posted:  11/25/2015 17:39:43
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Very nice angle
Posted:  11/25/2015 17:18:06
I mean honestly, it seems like they don't know what they are doing anymore. If they are just gonna keep featuring and un-featuring photos, why bother having "Featured" at all anymore?
Posted:  11/25/2015 17:17:18
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The administrators are trying a new system. It's not going to automatically work perfectly. Give them a break, they are trying to figure it out.
Posted:  11/25/2015 15:33:44
What g63
Posted:  11/25/2015 15:18:51
IKR. It's so annoying. The G63 was even worse. (Yes I'm gonna keep using that as my example)
Posted:  11/25/2015 15:06:12
great shot man. always loved this house
Posted:  11/25/2015 13:05:30
Posted:  11/25/2015 12:57:36
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