Mclaren P1  |  Spotted in Sandton, South Africa

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Mclaren P1 spotted in Sandton, South Africa

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    Sandton, South Africa
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    The first McLaren P1 on the continent! This isn't actually a customer car so it might be the only time I will ever see one on the streets here. It was brought down for the Rogue Rally hence the stickers. This was taken the day before they started. I caught it in the middle of filming for the local TV show called Top Billing! I still can't believe I got this on the road. I actually ran down the road to get this and luckily it was caught at a red robot. I hope you guys enjoy it!
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    McLaren P1 South Africa  
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Comments (16 total)
Posted:  08/14/2015 02:17:48
Great shot Marc your photos turn out perfect this one I stunning the p1 is awesome as well great work
Posted:  10/13/2014 05:19:37
I would too own a LHD car if it is something awesome , like a Lambo , Ferrari , Mclaren so on , and wouldn't worry about those minor things than me getting the pleasure out of owning such an awesome car .

I think there were a hand full that have been converted at quite a cost
Posted:  10/03/2014 04:23:17
i would rather own a LHD than have to worry about geting the ticket from machines at malls :p

and i think ur right about all ferrari special edition cars are LHD but i think there are some that have been converted
Posted:  10/02/2014 03:00:21
I think it is true because all extreme ferraris that I've seen are LHD . I think I wouldve gone for a P1 instead of the laferrari . Would be much less a pain the butt if you pull up to a shopping mall and the ticket machine is on the other side
Posted:  10/02/2014 02:55:57
Thank you so much Moegamat!!
I cannot wait to see all your shots Benji! I know they are going to be beyond epic!
Yes you are right Moegamat, it is LHD. I believe Ferrari only makes their special edition cars in LHD. Can anyone confirm that?
Posted:  09/29/2014 12:20:08
Wow , awesome shot Marc !!! Looks beautiful
Congrats on landing that photo session with him , you must be so excited to see such epic cars in one place . Pity he lost his deposit for the P1 , but I'm sure he would find something to put in its place . Is it just me or is his Laferrari a LHD?
Is it really coming today ?
Posted:  09/28/2014 06:16:04
we call the traffic lights or traffic signals here robots. u know, green orange red
Posted:  09/24/2014 13:02:09
What's a red robot?
Posted:  09/24/2014 09:47:30
his name is Selwyn Chatz, he has a MASSIVE car collection, he owns a F1 car 12c, 650S, lots of others, a good friend organised for me to go take photos at his house of all his cars next month, he is the C.E.O. at Chatz connect/ Vodacom4u, here is his laferrari
Posted:  09/24/2014 05:48:10
Thank you Martin!
Thanks Brydon, I think we might get one or two other shot from someone else ;)
Yeah Benji I heard the same story about the deposit not getting down in time but I didn't know it was the same owner as the first LaFerrari! And it is the VP5 test mule you right :D Can't wait to see all your shots then :D
Posted:  09/24/2014 02:57:48
Who was it that bought the laferrari?
Posted:  09/24/2014 00:25:19
there was 1 P1 ordered to come to South Africa, the guy who got the first Laferrari in South Africa ordered it, but unfortunately he was abit to slow with paying the deposit and lost his car. this is the VP5 test mule, i think it is the same one jeremy clarkson and Chris Harris drove for their reviews

still awesome find and cant wait till it arrives in Cape Town on Sunday!
Posted:  09/23/2014 14:54:49
Magnifique !
Posted:  09/23/2014 12:26:05
Well done man, probably the only south african P1 shot we'll ever get.
Posted:  09/23/2014 09:31:29
Very nice!
Posted:  09/22/2014 18:22:26
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