Mclaren P1  |  Spotted in Auckland, New Zealand

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Mclaren P1 spotted in Auckland, New Zealand

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    Auckland, New Zealand
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    Upload #200! Had to make it special. Stunning 1/1 Specced McLaren P1 exploring the streets of Auckland.
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Comments (33 total)
Thankyou Jeff! I loved every second of this moment!
Posted:  05/18/2016 18:59:14
P1 on the streets is always thrilling to see! Great shot and spot!
Posted:  05/18/2016 13:49:17
I also went to that garage to luke! Some cool cars there. Racing was the best by far so good! Race cars over Street cars. I might be going back this weekend to
Posted:  03/01/2016 00:16:13
Thankyou Nick!!!
Posted:  02/29/2016 17:32:11
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Great find Luke! Congrats on 200 uploads!
Posted:  02/29/2016 16:24:25
@waddle2gracious I am thinking about that, hopefully that is more controllable than the R model. I've seen no Bentaygas.
Posted:  02/28/2016 23:11:31
Thankyou Morgan :)
Posted:  02/28/2016 17:46:53
absolutely amazing man, totally worth waiting till your 200th, l/ffffffffffffffffffffffffff
Posted:  02/28/2016 13:49:49
Haha :) They are still good looking, that's why I love seeing them.
Posted:  02/28/2016 06:28:49
@21Luke21 In south Florida, they are EVERYWHERE.
Posted:  02/28/2016 05:07:11
Yeah, I love the F-Type. Stunning looking car. They seem to be rather common over here though... But I still love seeing them.
Posted:  02/28/2016 04:13:19
Yeah, no question the F-Type is a great car weather it may be the V6 or V8 model.
Posted:  02/28/2016 02:11:46
@VolvoMan05 That's sweet that you own one! All ES validity aside, I definitely see your point with the V8s driving issues. I would agree that the V6 is a better car. Think you will test drive the new SVR once it debuts? Also, have you seen any Bentaygas around? (Yes, I do know that it is a Bentley and not a Jaguar).
Posted:  02/27/2016 04:14:49
I'll be going in the underground garage tomroz! I'll see what's just landed the. Off to racing..
Posted:  02/27/2016 03:39:53
AMAZING ONE LUKE! This is an absolutely stunning find! L/F for certain. (Lemme just hop on the F-Type debate for a quick second here) @waddle2gracious being a V6 (Base Convertible) F-Type owner myself I find the V6 an absolute banging car. It feels great, rides great, and sounds even better. In terms of looks the V8 R model (now current V8 S) I agree with you looks more aggressive and more of what a Jaguar should be with those four exhaust pipes and it has a more vicious and biting sound than the V6 (S or not). But in terms of sheer driving pleasure BMW would be better (jk see what I did there) the V6 is a more suitable car for city, highway, and track. You can basically use all of the power at any given moment and not have to worry about anything because it is such a contained and refined machine. The V8 R just feels a bit too immature and has too much power for a pretty light two-door sports car. AWD or not you'll get some wheel spin if you accidentally push the pedal down a bit hard and it is a big hassle to deal with. It's just too much to handle and the V6 gets better fuel economy which in China is a thing you absolutely need. I bought the V6 rather than the V8 (after test driving both) just because it is a more contained and relaxing car that you can fully enjoy yourself in without having to worry about it squiggling about and smashing into a guardrail if you don't drive it properly. And it's cheaper (still cost me a cr*p ton of money because of the 200% import tax). I'll need to get down to Jaguar soon to test the V8 S model and see if it is an improvement compared to the V8 R, but until then V6 is on spot. But that's my view on the F-Type and I totally respect and understand your view as well. And in terms of whether they should be allowed to the site I think it doesn't matter, sure the V8 is more rarer and far less common than the V6s but both are splendid cars, but the V6 makes the final cut in life.
Posted:  02/27/2016 02:57:12
Thankyou Charlie!! I think I took 15 photos of this haha, so I'll post another soon. I got a few front photos of this too.
Posted:  02/27/2016 02:56:10
Amazing find! This one is stunning in that spec and I've seen a front side pic of it. Stunning shot and congrats on 200!
Posted:  02/27/2016 02:54:09
Thanks Matt, NZSupercars and Lamborarri :) Glad you like it.
I would have had a Huracan and a Gallardo to upload today, however, I saw the Gallardo at the last moment, and missed a photo chance, and the Huracan was on the highway with a rather large lane divider in the way, so all I saw was the roof... Damn it sucked!
Posted:  02/27/2016 02:40:41
The owner has the 3 918 p1 and la. It came on track at the track day we did ages ago against the la. And many Ferraris and Porsches HSV mustang etc. great spot to!! Congrats on the 200! I plan to get to 20 in the coming weeks!!!
Posted:  02/27/2016 01:27:34
Holy shoot! Awesome spot and shot! I love this edit!! L/F from me!
Posted:  02/27/2016 00:51:42
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