Mclaren F1  |  Spotted in Carmel, California

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Mclaren F1 spotted in Carmel, California

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    Carmel, California
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    Kinda shitty picture, but I had to upload this combo. Ferrari F50, McLaren F1, and Geoff's leapmobile, the 2008 Golf GTI. We had a blast in that thing all week.
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Comments (13 total)
I actually don't mind people starting conversations on my photos, especially when it has to do with a relevant topic.
Posted:  08/26/2015 20:43:37
Posted:  08/26/2015 20:26:31
At Tutto? Yes.

Also let's stop using Nathan's awesome shot as a forum topic.
Posted:  08/26/2015 20:24:49
Oh whoops I forgot to mention it was moving lol

Oh and btw is there normally that many people there?!

Did you see the "911 GT4" picture?
Its an orange 911 turbo go look at it lol
Posted:  08/26/2015 20:21:35
Haha Sam, that reminds me of another kid, but not for the same reasons. This 11, maybe 10 year old kid was just walking around all of the booths (The model booth on the lawn, the ones near the Ducati showcase, the gift shop-type-thing in the museum, etc.) and he just kept asking and asking and asking "Can we get this?" "Can we get that?" "We aren't getting anything?" "What do you mean we aren't getting this?" Spoiled brat...

And I agree with the "DSLR leapers" statement.
Posted:  08/26/2015 20:19:07
Yeah Jack ikr. This one kid at tutto...
Damn he made me mad. I was trying to get a pic of the red Gallardo and he kept walking alongside it (not even taking pics) so eventually i had enough and I had to get literally right in front of it...
Posted:  08/26/2015 20:10:53
I am the same way Nathan. "I leap, but we're DSLR leapers. We are considerate of other people taking photos, we're polite to supercar owners, we don't get in the way of other photographers."
Posted:  08/26/2015 20:08:20
Thanks! And yeah, I hate those people that just don't even give a flying sh*t about what other people and/or photographers are doing; the just linger around a car that multiple people are trying to photograph (With DSLRs I might add) and then after a frustrating amount of time, they leave, just to allow another random couple or fat guy to stroll on through.
Posted:  08/26/2015 20:08:03
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In general, leapers are "photographers" (I use that term very loosely) who jump and run after every supercar, they get in your shot, and mainly use their phones. Most leapers are completely inconsiderate of DSLR photographers and will do anything to get their precious Instagram shot. They're annoying to supercar owners and jump into the middle of the street to get pictures. Geoff and I leap, but we're DSLR leapers. We are considerate of other people taking photos, we're polite to supercar owners, we don't get in the way of other photographers. DSLR leapers are in a different category than phone leapers. Leapers are very common in cities (mainly London, Beverly Hills, Newport Beach) and even more common at supercar shows. But yeah, I hope that clears things up about leapers.
Posted:  08/26/2015 20:01:12
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So they're people who go from one car to the next? Or they focus all of their attention on one and then suddenly go to another?
Posted:  08/26/2015 19:32:45
I think its cool you were with him all week lol
Posted:  08/26/2015 18:50:02
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Posted:  08/26/2015 18:43:56
Ok I'm probably going to sound like an idiot here but what does "Leap" mean in car culture? I keep seeing it but I don't understand.
Posted:  08/26/2015 18:18:31
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