Maserati MC12  |  Spotted in Edmonton, Canada

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Maserati MC12 spotted in Edmonton, Canada

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    Edmonton, Canada
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    Maserati MC-12 Corsa done by edo competition. This isn't a wrap on the car either, it was completely re-painted. Amazingly the car sounds better then it looks, right after this picture it ripped to about 9000rpm.
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    Maserati MC-12 orange edo-competition  
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Comments (32 total)
Definitely the best MC12!!!
Posted:  04/30/2018 18:06:28
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Wow! Nice find!
Posted:  02/20/2015 12:03:25
Yes, it is. It got a new paintjob and a "corsa kit"
Posted:  12/18/2013 17:17:29
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yup! I believe theres only 2 or 3 states that you can register them in.
Posted:  11/01/2013 23:51:15
It was leaving a meet in a police escort with abunch of other exotics heading to a track.

@jlrmalcolm: Is that why its registered in the US?
Posted:  10/26/2013 16:50:54
I've seen this car a few times myself and it is absolutely beautiful!
Posted:  07/16/2013 23:24:56
It was a MC12 then it got a Corsa package so its not exactly 100% a corsa but it still is.
Posted:  06/27/2013 23:56:56
@mcf No its not the only street legal MC12 but it is the only street legal MC12 corsa. All of the 12 "Corsa" MC12's were made for the track only. Also, none of the regular MC12 are street legal in Canada. The lack of a rear window makes them illegal to register in all 10 provinces and most U.S. states.
Posted:  06/27/2013 23:30:26
jlrmalcolm--- this is NOT the only street legal MC12 there are a few in the USA and in Canada that are street legal. I've sold them and know where at least 3 are right now. Just wanted to let everyone know nice "spot" if it counts but only bc I love this car!
Posted:  06/24/2013 12:48:54
nice spot!
Posted:  06/23/2013 03:29:06
wow nice car , great spot
Posted:  06/22/2013 15:55:19
@malcolm, you were pretty close, but I was just saying more power doesn't mean higher revs. V12's usually don't rev too high. V10's usually rev extremely high; v12s will go like 8000rpm tops, but still make the great loud v12 sound.
Posted:  06/22/2013 10:58:31
cool car and colour and of course pic...
Posted:  06/22/2013 04:42:29
@nick ok I did a little research and apparently its tuned for torque rather then high rpm's so it only has a measly 8000rpm limit :P I was close!
Posted:  06/22/2013 00:29:29
@fanofdupercars Ya I was a little on the fence as to whether it was a "car show" or not but I figure when its a grey area why not post it and let people decide for themselves. I have legitimately spotted it before though, so has my brother and some friends. I thought most of the people there were owners though. After they all left I came back and there were only a handfull of people hanging around.

@nickw well the car has had some major modifications done and I believe that included an increase on the rev limit. I know the stock rev limit on an mc12 is 7500 but it was safe beyond that. Lets just say I've heard the LFA rev to 9k and when I heard this it sounded close....just a LOT louder.
Posted:  06/22/2013 00:20:05
@malcolm, getting more horsepower doesn't necessarily mean who gests higher revs. And 650hp at 7700rpm doesn't mean that's The highest it revs it just means that the highest amount if horsepower put out and at what Rpm it gets that HP. Great spot BTW!
Posted:  06/21/2013 23:13:17
Also its not exactly a drivers meet since tons of them were illegaly parked in a public parking lot and there was people everywhere, even after the drivers got into their cars. Not sure 100% if its a legit spot.
Posted:  06/21/2013 21:37:05
I was there this morning and this is in the police escort from the meet/media event at second cup on their way to the drivers track day at castrol raceway. There was also quite a few people around lol.
It is nice to see a new edmonton spotter though.

For more information on racing for a cure 2013 visit:

There was also x3 Mucielago, x6 458, x1 355, x2 DBS, x1 Vantage, x2 MP4-12C, x3 360, x4-5 Gallardos, x2 Gallardo Superleggera, x2 Karma, x1 M6, x3 F430, x1 928, x1 Carrera, x2 GT (ford) and more.
Posted:  06/21/2013 21:11:13
Nice spot jlmalcolm!

FYI.... the MC12 below has an FXX drivetrain in it. So, it's pretty close to a street legal FXX. The owner also has an FXX evoluzione too.
Posted:  06/21/2013 20:49:51
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