Lamborghini Urus  |  Spotted in Kirkland, Washington

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Lamborghini Urus spotted in Kirkland, Washington

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    Kirkland, Washington
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    Second picture of this Urus that I found on 5th Ave W. In Kirkland a few days ago. It’s my second ever Urus.
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Comments (15 total)
That would be cool! Stay in Bellevue/Kirkland for spotting. Seattle is not good at all anymore. The best I have seen in dt Seattle are a couple of R8’s and Maserati’s.
Posted:  11/20/2020 03:11:13
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I might be going there in may. or maybe July or august.
Posted:  11/19/2020 20:51:17
Hope you head down here! Someone told me that the urus owner lives there. I barely head over there though.
Posted:  11/19/2020 06:45:04
Nice, I hope to go car spotting there in the near future if covid-19 goes down a bit is that urus often parked there.
Posted:  11/19/2020 02:22:14
The last time that I went to the Bellevue dealer, there was a Laferrari, Senna, Countach and many more awesome cars. I think that the jesko went on a country tour or something. If you see exotics of Bellevue on instagram, you can see the jesko and many other cool exotics in the area.
Posted:  11/19/2020 00:12:37
never mind it is actually Jesko. I don't think it is a customer car though it might still be at the dealership there.
Posted:  11/18/2020 23:14:54
To bad you didn't spot the Bugatti, There is also a Laferrari and ford gt for sale in bellevue.
I thought I heard there was an agera or somthing sold from Vancouver to Seattle.
Posted:  11/18/2020 23:09:48
There used to be a Bugatti in Bellevue a few years ago but it got sold and I never got the chance to see it.
The koenigsegg was spotted seven years ago when Seattle was full of supercars. It has been long gone.
A few CGT’s were also spotted in Seattle many years ago. In Bellevue there are some amazing cars like Ford GT’s. There is a guy with an Enzo, LFA, SLS BS, and 997 GT2 RS. I was very lucky to catch his Porsche.
Every time that I go spotting there, I catch supercars. In a place called Lynnwood, which is pretty close to my house, there lives the owner of cats exotics. He has a Senna(which I shot) an SVJ, a 675 lt, and a Diablo. I have talked with him on Instagram and I want to shoot his SVJ really bad.
Posted:  11/18/2020 22:34:08
@Jjrivero10 I think there is a koenigsegg in Seattle and maybe even some bugattis and paganis it sounds like there are some pretty good cars there. do they just not get driven?
Posted:  11/18/2020 18:12:50
Nice! I am super close to getting my license. Just need the drivers exam which I can probably do in a couple of weeks.
Posted:  11/18/2020 06:32:06
I know what you are saying, I live about a 15-20 minute drive away from the place I car spot, so anyway with a class 7 license which is the only license I am old enough to have I have to have have someone with a class 5 license in the vehicle while I am driving. so anyway I just rode my bike to 17ave everyday the nice thing is there are bike paths the whole way.
Posted:  11/18/2020 05:51:58
Thanks and I have not. I live in shoreline which is next to seattle. There used to be many supercars in Seattle about seven years ago but that was before I was into cars. Supercars are now very scarce in seattle. I love to go spotting in the place we’re i found this urus. There is an exotic on every street! It’s also close to we’re I found the phantom. Unfortunately, this place is 30 minutes away from my house and my parents don’t allow me to go often. I probably see as many supercars in Bellevue in two hours as I see in four months close to my house.
Posted:  11/18/2020 04:40:32
Yeah I hope you spot one soon. imo yellow looks the best but everting looks good on it really.
Have you been car spotting in Spokane?
Posted:  11/18/2020 04:33:29
Thanks! The two that I have spotted have had pretty bland specs. Really want to see a yellow or red one.
Posted:  11/18/2020 04:26:45
Nice spot.
Posted:  11/18/2020 03:28:53
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