Lamborghini Murcielago  |  Spotted in Guadalajara, Mexico

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Lamborghini Murcielago spotted in Guadalajara, Mexico

Details on This Lamborghini Murcielago:

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Comments (22 total)
Thanks for the info! I would really like to spot this sometime.
Posted:  08/19/2013 16:58:29
@bugattivss: i guess it is not the only one.. if i'm not wrong there's another one (an orange one), it used to be @monterrey a few years ago, but some cars of that city were taken to US, so perhaps it's the only one :P
Posted:  08/18/2013 22:43:25
Is this the only SV in Mexico?
Posted:  06/17/2013 16:48:38
wtf with the arguing? and why can't i see any of the comments from the guy you were arguing with? hahaha anyway, thanks for your nice comments! now i'm sure it is 192/350! :D
Posted:  09/01/2011 00:47:58
Hahahahahahahah Greggs not playing around now!! Finally!! Thank You Gregg!!!!
Posted:  08/31/2011 00:50:45
Good idea
Posted:  08/30/2011 11:39:41
I am going to buy some popcorns... to eat while I read!
Posted:  08/30/2011 10:47:27
lp670sv probably forgot what his name is, cause he called himself Joseph in youtube and Diego on ES.
Posted:  08/30/2011 07:50:39
Wow this is rediculous now! lp670sv your a fake and thats all there is to it!!! So why dont you just get the hell off this site!! I cant believe that a 23 or 42 or 14 year old man or kid (Whatever age you are) would sit on this site and argue with some teenagers over something that is not true!!
Posted:  08/30/2011 00:15:29
LP640SV had in his profile few days ago that he was 14 years old. Just ignore him.
Posted:  08/29/2011 23:59:54
Wow guys I think they took a picture of my SV, I was totally in Mexico with it at that shop....(wish I had a sarcasm font)
Anyways, nice shot!
Posted:  08/29/2011 22:39:05
its funny how this sv guy who "has an sv" has enough time and immaturity to argue you socal and andrewo. a grown man with and SV wouldn't be on here caring what other people think. and I along with socal and andrewo wanna see your SV, thanks
Posted:  08/29/2011 21:58:15
In the Supperlegera vid "you" say that u are 23 on ES u say that your 42! whats up with that???
Posted:  08/29/2011 21:40:39
How long ago did u get it??
Posted:  08/29/2011 21:38:16
Yes you are!
Posted:  08/29/2011 21:36:50
Hahahahahaha wow it is matte black!
Posted:  08/29/2011 21:24:34
Yeah just pay no attention to lp670sv and us
Posted:  08/29/2011 21:20:42
Because U say I talk a lot of crap, sorry I hurt your feelings LOL
Posted:  08/29/2011 21:19:30
Panameras are awesome, why are you telling me to shup up!? And im not the one who said that
Posted:  08/29/2011 20:40:44
I didnt mean it in a good way lp670sv, I meant really why are you telling everyone that you have one. If you have one take it somewhere and get pics of it and post it!
Posted:  08/29/2011 20:02:25
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