Lamborghini Huracan  |  Spotted in Jackson, New Jersey

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Lamborghini Huracan spotted in Jackson, New Jersey

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    Jackson, New Jersey
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Comments (16 total)
A Hurucan In Snow!?!?!
Great Spot!
Posted:  07/14/2015 14:35:05
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Lambo in the snow. Great spot!
Posted:  03/28/2015 06:43:58
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Woah! what is up with this judgment? It's nasty. You don't know sh*t about the situation and why it is there, so for you to come up quick with a reason and why it's wrong is gross. People who can afford these kind of cars can do whatever the hell they please and ANY person has the right to see anyone when they want and to act a b*tch about it is rude. It could be his sisters / nephews house, sister in law, best friend you don't know. Therefore, you can't make a judgement. Not once in your comment, Kenny, do you say "nice spot" "cool" or anything. Rather, you feel as if it is acceptable to complain about the situation of the picture in which everyone else thinks is really fascinating and interesting due to its rarity. You need to work on your spotting etiquette or don't post another f**in comment. Thanks
Posted:  01/26/2015 16:14:29
If I remember correctly it was a FLORIDA plate on it
Posted:  01/26/2015 07:28:11
I'm pretty sure that's actually a Louisiana plate. Nice find!
Posted:  01/26/2015 00:12:21
Not I hadn't seen that picture before, and also maybe he saved up for a long time to buy it, but yeah with the plates from different states, probably a visitor.
Posted:  01/25/2015 19:18:22

Okay, I can accepted the reason that maybe he/she is visiting the house ... Maybe a rich young man trying to date a middle-class young woman. Kind of remind of my friend ... He became a very successful young lawyer, and he fell in love with a woman who worked as a clerk in the same office building as him ... He told me the first time he went to pick her up from her parent house, he had looks from the neighbors as he pulled into the woman's driveway in his at-that-time brand new 2010 Porsche 911 C4S coupe, and he said the woman lived in a low-income area. And I agree with you that the house doesn't look like the kind of house that the owner would have a Lamborghini Huracan but it is hard to tell, there have been some sighting here where the owner has a really nice exotic but an average house. Remember these ones:

As for the Honda Odyssey, NO THANK YOU !! ... Even you give me a free top-of-the-line Honda Odyssey, I still won't drive one !! ... One of my friends recently took this to the extreme ... He had been dating this woman for a few years now and she had been driving her mom's 2010 Honda Odyssey ( top-of-the-line model ) after her mom went to an Acura MDX in 2012. Last X'mas, he decided to propose to his girlfriend and one of the first thing he did was trade in the Honda and brought her a brand new Mercedes GLK350 4Matic. We all laughed when he said that there was no way he was going to have a Honda Odyssey parked beside his silver Audi A5 coupe when they moved into their own townhouse in early February.


I can almost guarantee you that if that was here in Vancouver, BC, Canada, the owner is probably some Asian guy/girl whose mommy and daddy overseas brought him/her the exotic and won't care if he/she drift and crash while driving in the snow because mommy and daddy would just buy a new one the next day.
Posted:  01/25/2015 19:17:17
This car and the Ferrari FF I spotted are owned by middle age Jewish men
Posted:  01/25/2015 18:30:24
@williamparrish I assume you haven't seen the picture of the one in BC.
Posted:  01/25/2015 15:47:52
Garbage !

And I am not talking about the Huracan !

You can afford a $ 200k+ Huracan and even don't care about driving it in the snow, but you drive / own a POS Honda Odyssey.

And don't give me the excuse you need a 7-passengers or 8-passengers ! ... If I had the serious cash to buy a Huracan and I also needed a 7-passengers or 8-passengers vehicle, I would buy one of these SUVs:

1) Audi Q7 Sport
2) Mercedes GL63 AMG 4Matic
Posted:  01/25/2015 13:38:28
First Hurucan in the snow I've ever seen. Nice spot.
Posted:  01/25/2015 10:42:16
Who says you can't drive a Lamborghini in the snow?
Posted:  01/25/2015 10:24:47
California plates?
Posted:  01/25/2015 10:18:53
wow, matte huracan in the snow...
Posted:  01/25/2015 09:39:45
OH MY GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

a huracan?!?!!! wow nice spot!
Posted:  01/25/2015 08:43:49
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