Lamborghini Gallardo  |  Spotted in Sydney, Australia

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Lamborghini Gallardo spotted in Sydney, Australia

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    Sydney, Australia
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    This is the famous Lamborghini Taxi promoting the new Need For Speed game. I was lucky enough to spend 2 hours with the car thanks to Top Gear Australia and we decided to stop off at Bondi for some awesome snaps.
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    Lamborghini Gallardo Taxi Orange  
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Comments (16 total)
It is a guy walking in the back ground haha. and as for racing games, I must recommend looking up a game called "Drive Club" being developed for the new Playstation 4. It looks like it'll be awesome with my Logitech G27 :P
Posted:  02/27/2013 21:51:38
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I don't even do races. And since when can an ordinary cop car keep up with a marussia or something? Makes no sense. It is easy to ok yourself in the Bach mono or Ariel atom, but I like to drive the gt and marussia and theyre not so bad.
Posted:  02/25/2013 07:10:16
i played most wanted for 2 days before i had got bored
i had had enough of the over powered police
weak cars, really easy to ko yourself
bad AI, they arnt effected by spike strips or road blocks and they cant fall behind in a race they are brought forward if they crash
Posted:  02/25/2013 06:16:36
For horizon, my 360 isn't even connected to live anymore so the dlc doesn't bother.

For most wanted, I actually am enjoying it but the fact that it is hard for me to use new cars often is boring.
Posted:  02/25/2013 06:08:33
GT5 was abit of a let down but GT games are usually up at the top
still gt5 was decent had loads of fun with it

Forza games are great but the amount of dlc they put out sucks
if you dont buy any the place where you buy cars has loads of dlc cars mixed in to the regular cars feels like 50/50
it wouldnt be so bad if the was a reasonable price
you can buy a new game for the price of a season pass
and the cars you get in the season pass can only be seen by you
if you take them online people see a black bmw (horizon)

need for speed games just suck now, they need to go back to there hey day in the ps2/xbox era, they really dont put in any effort now, the run is a 2-3hr game
i had high hopes for the most wanted game they released recently, but it was another let down, nothing like the original... no story... no visual mods.. finding cars - rather buy the cars i want to use... no challenges to open the next black list up
Posted:  02/25/2013 06:04:40
I love Forza Horizon. And that looks like a guy
Posted:  02/24/2013 20:43:57
no offence to anyone but is the person in the white is that a Lady or a Man? :/ oh and Nice pics man, Liked + Faved!
Posted:  02/24/2013 20:34:00
Ive got a wii to. Yeh PS3 doesn't have Forza they have GT5, which is alright.
Posted:  11/05/2012 11:16:39
Nothing wrong with ps3
I have both
Posted:  11/05/2012 03:52:45
Xbox. PS3 is bad, period.
Posted:  11/04/2012 20:09:40
I pre-ordered it but gamestop lost power everywhere because of hurricane sandy. I still cant get it and i was going to get it on tuesday when it came out.
Posted:  11/02/2012 12:34:52
thats really cool! the last couple nfs games have been awesome!
Posted:  11/02/2012 09:40:11
Posted:  11/02/2012 08:10:40
Haven't played the game myself, however the car is insane. Although, driving around the city, we didn't get out of first gear.
Posted:  11/02/2012 07:51:39
Awesome find
Posted:  11/02/2012 04:47:43
I won't buy the game until I hear customer reviews
All the new gen NFS games have been a massive let down apart from maybe shift 2

They went NFS games anymore

I heard there is no visual mods in this one like the rest of the newer ones who h sucks that's what NFS was about
Posted:  11/02/2012 04:47:28
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