Lamborghini Aventador  |  Spotted in Vancouver, Canada

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Lamborghini Aventador spotted in Vancouver, Canada

Details on This Lamborghini Aventador:

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    Vancouver, Canada
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    This Aventador S was parked at a Chinese restaurant on Alexandra Road. Follow my IG: star080_sp
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    Lamborghini Aventador S LP740-4  
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Comments (12 total)
Is it a lot of people here, who lives in Vancouver?
Posted:  11/19/2017 20:48:00
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Hi. I live in Vancouver too, I saw a lot of supercars, but usually I can't make a foto because I draiving)
Posted:  11/19/2017 20:47:19
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LOL ! ... I see that you are from the UK.

Unfortunately, our cash-greedy government here doesn't care. Our auto insurance is a government-owned corporation, and their policy is everybody shares the costs ... so if that year, this corporation had a bad year in claims due to idiots like that guy, well, they simply raise insurance premiums to everybody.

As for taking away your license, yes, they will take away your license, if you are caught drinking & driving, but if you smash up 7 Lamborghini in 7 days, and nobody got hurt, well, you are still legally allow to drive your other cars in your garage or/ go and buy a Koenigsegg now if you like ... Even if you are caught speeding more than 40 km over the speed limit ( say you were doing 100 km/hr in a 50 km/hr zone ), all they can do is impound that car for 7 days and slap you with a fine, but you can still drive. There was a BIG STORY a few years back where a bunch of these spoiled brats were caught street racing, had their cars impounded, but all of them still had other nice cars back at their houses to drive ...
Posted:  11/18/2017 19:54:39
@Kenny that's a crazy story, great that you made money from him but the moron shoulda had his license ripped from his pathetic spoilt hands (imo)
Posted:  11/18/2017 15:48:16

Well, I figured you were originally from China and currently living around Calgary, AB as many of your spotting are in China and around the Calgary area.

A $ 9,000 Chevrolet ? ... wow, time to phone daddy and tell him you want $ 1,000,000 Cdn so that you can buy your own Lamborghini Aventador S ... lol haha

Oh the thing you said about these rich spoiled brats crashing one expensive vehicle then buying a new one as soon as a few hours later is not new news to me ... I once worked in a car broker, specializing in finding specialized vehicles ... And many of our clients were these young rich spoiled brats ... During my 2 years working there, i was laughing to the bank, even though I was only the accountant for the firm, because i had this client who loves dealing with me ... At that time, he was only 19 years old, came in driving daddy's brand new Mercedes E55 AMG ... wanted me to order him in a new Mitsubishi Lancer Evo VIII ... gave me a blank cheque ... found one for him for around $ 50,000 ... bought it in ... Car arrived ... He came to look at it, now driving a new Porsche Cayenne Turbo S ... happy with it but wanted us to install the $ 30,000 of JDM performance parts he had it shipped from Japan ... so our labour cost was another $ 30k roughly ... He literally had the whole brand new Mitsubishi stripped, engine was completely rebuilt & modify to abut 600-HP, suspension, etc ... three weeks later, i remember on a friday afternoon, he came to collect the car ... Following Monday morning, i saw the car all smashed up in our body shop, apparently on that previous saturday night, some guy made a rude comment about his girlfriend and he challenged the guy to a race ... so a brand new $ 100k++ Mitsubishi was a total write off, no biggie, decided he wanted a new BMW M3 ... Long story short ... over the next 1 year, the same thing happen over and over ... one smashed vehicle after another ... he literally brought something like 7 cars from me in less than a year and we ain't talking toyota corolla here ... we are talking BMW M, Mercedes AMG, Porsche, Ferrari, Maserati, and the last car he brought from me before i resigned was a Lamborghini Gallardo Superlegga.
Posted:  11/18/2017 07:36:44
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Well I am also an international student from China who studies in Canada, but I am still living in a school dorm and drives a $9000 Chevy. At the university that I go to (University of Alberta) there are also many rich Asian kids who buy some expensive cars (normal ones of course, not Ferraris and Lambos since there are not so many supercar dealers in Edmonton) where their parents simply paid for it. I just met a guy who crashed his Lexus IS350 few days ago and he simply plans to get a new car (In Vancouver they're probably going to get another supercar)
Posted:  11/18/2017 02:42:41
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Come on ... let give some benefit of doubt ... 99% lol, ok ? ...

The fact that most of these owners are YOUNGER than you ... High chance ... Your profile says you are 21 years old, and some of these owners are probably 18 to 20 years old ... Daddy and mommy send them over here to study at UBC, SFU, etc... set them up in a multi-million dollars house or penthouse ... wire-transfer them millions of dirty laundry money so that they can buy fancy vehicles, furnish the home in crazy electronics, etc ...

The other day I was out in UBC for a meeting and I was parked on the side of the road by the UBC Hospital and a few vehicles in front of me was a brand new shiny Rolls Royce Phantom & in the front and back of it was a BMW X5 ... I thought who is this big shot ? ... Boy was I wrong ? ... A few minutes later, this small little Asian young lady carrying a backpack and talking on her cell phone walked out of this building and immediately guys jumped out of both X5s and accompany her then open the back doors of the Rolls for her and then all 3 vehicles drove off ... And she looked like she was only maybe 22 years old ...

For the next 2-3 hours while I was having lunch with my client @ UBC Hospital, we saw all sort of fancy vehicles like they were free or something ... Ferrari, High end BMW, Mercedes, Audi, Range Rover, McLarens ... CRAZY !!!! ...
Posted:  11/18/2017 02:27:49
@KennyMK6R Not really 98%, it should be 100% lol. I saw another Aventador S and an F12 at an Internet Cafe in Richmond today and the owners of these cars are probably even younger than me.
Posted:  11/18/2017 02:05:05
Posted:  11/18/2017 01:36:13
Nothing new in that town where this Lamborghini is spotted.

Almost 98% guarantee you that its owner is below 30 years old, probably a student at a local university, probably have another trillion high-end vehicles in his / her garage, etc ... all purchased by the parents in China / Korea / Taiwan ...
Posted:  11/17/2017 21:46:09
Great Spot and Shot! ( :
Interesting spec.
Posted:  11/17/2017 17:42:12
Posted:  11/17/2017 17:19:19
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