Lamborghini Aventador  |  Spotted in State College, Pennsylvania

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Lamborghini Aventador spotted in State College, Pennsylvania

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    State College, Pennsylvania
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    Went to my friend's place to see the R8 he picked up for the day, and then this guy just randomly came over.
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Comments (29 total)
100 likes! Such an awesome color!
Posted:  08/19/2014 20:01:43
Ive seen his account before, i think he has closed and opened multiple accounts at different times, because if you look him up, it says he was made in 2014, but ive seen him last year... same pic and everything
Posted:  02/07/2014 17:27:38
Sounds to me as if this audisline account is controlled by someone who just likes to comment on great photos and pretend that he knows something better that you don't know of . Come on , can't we apprietiate this epic photo without any complications ?
Jon , I suggest you do not take note of this audisline account and keep on posting those awesome photos of yours .
Posted:  02/07/2014 13:54:32
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No, the IP was checked and "audisline" wasn't one of the accounts he was controlling.
Posted:  02/06/2014 18:54:22
Could itmbe this Jakeh guy?
Posted:  02/06/2014 18:39:02
He went on my Viper ACR photo saying all the upgrades the car had and none of them were true.
Posted:  02/06/2014 18:35:47
I guess whoever this guy is , is talking nonsense . You know the guy who owns this car . And besides , don't you think the real owner of this BEUATY of a CAR (your friend ), wouldve told you he was on ES?
So , somewhere along the line , there is something fishy with this guy who pretends to own this car .
Posted:  02/06/2014 14:10:32
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It's not him. The owner of this car doesn't own any other cars, and is only 20 or 21 and not married. I don't know who this other guy is.
Posted:  02/06/2014 14:00:54
@GoPro85 come to think of it , its seems like it is . But then again , Audi always owns Lamborghini , so I don't know .
Only Jon will be able to identify if it is or not the guy
Posted:  02/06/2014 13:57:29
Who are you? I know the owner of this car, and the guy who owned the MP4-12C. You are neither. They are both college students and friends of mine.
Posted:  02/06/2014 02:23:57
@audisline So you own this car ?
Posted:  02/05/2014 15:13:27
This is your car?
Posted:  02/05/2014 06:21:25
Lol that is just a pity. I bet if he could of gotten a F12, he wouldve gone for it. Why doesn't he go for a 458 Italia?

@HnHSuperCars, that is so true.
Posted:  12/08/2013 11:29:04
Yeah he hasn't driven the 12C almost at all this year, maybe he's grown tired of such a boring car. He said he wants the FF just so he can get an F12 later. Lake Forest Sports Cars told him he can only be on the list for an F12 if he has another Ferrari, which he's never had. He has an SQ5 so having a spacious/snow car isn't an issue right now.
Posted:  12/07/2013 14:51:08
That's so awesome. I've seen the orange MP4-12C on the site before and it looked awesome. But I heard he wanted to trade it in for a 4 seater
Posted:  12/07/2013 06:23:01
That is a fair assessment haha
Posted:  12/06/2013 19:27:40
Five different people have GranTurismos, three Sports and two MCs. Aston Martin V8 Vantage S, McLaren MP4-12C (may be sold by now, may be getting a Ferrari FF), Lotus Elise and the Aventador. I think that's it, there's been more in the past that have been sold or the students graduated.

My friend had an R8 V10 for the day which is why I had gone over in the first place.
Posted:  12/06/2013 13:48:14
Lol mustve been the best feeling ever to see a Aventador pull up and its someone your friends know.
What exotics do your friends have?
Posted:  12/06/2013 05:52:04
I went to see my friend and some of his roommates who have exotics. I got there and started talking to them, and then this guy joined up. They knew he was coming but I didn't.
Posted:  12/04/2013 15:16:26
What a beauty she is ! Love the green and black interior and exterior. So he just randomly came?
L/F from me
Posted:  12/04/2013 14:41:03
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