Koenigsegg Agera R  |  Spotted in Singapore, Singapore

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Koenigsegg Agera R spotted in Singapore, Singapore

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    Singapore, Singapore
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    Koenigsegg Agera S https://www.facebook.com/NicholasTJ.R
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Comments (55 total)
no offence kenny..but your comments are too long for me to read,

i'll just put it in short for you..

if car prices are the same as USA/canada/UK over here..the whole roads will be flooded with Exotics at every single corner..especially when a civic is the same price as a Bmw M3 in america..

so lets just say that EVERY Singaporean will be living a good life IF they move out of Singapore..if they can afford to take public transport in Singapore..they can afford to buy a mid range car overseas. And if they can afford a Lambo here, trust me they can own more than 2 of the same model Lambo in the states..

alot of people can't afford a car here..but for those who can, they can afford to own more than one car..
Posted:  07/12/2013 01:27:29
Luckydaff that is a good ? To ask and kenny i absolutely understand what ur saying and i get how expensive living in singapore is even tho its the worlds 3rd or 4th richest country but i get what ur saying
Posted:  07/11/2013 21:03:36

I knew you were going to get editors choice.
Posted:  07/11/2013 16:59:24
Kenny of u have a good salary as a doctor or lawyer which most people are, they could easily afford a gallardo or a ferrari, i mean everyone in u.s. has the right to make a good living but as of buying exotics anyone who has a good salary can
Posted:  07/11/2013 12:52:00
editors choice, congrats
Posted:  07/11/2013 05:22:32
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Singapore has some weird ways of working with business
Posted:  07/10/2013 23:44:58
If you are seriously poor, you don't live in Singapore.
Posted:  07/10/2013 23:10:10
That was probably the longest comment I've seen on the site lol.
Posted:  07/10/2013 22:32:43
AMAZING SHOT!!!!!!!!!!!
Posted:  07/10/2013 18:59:42
Im confused someones telling me its very expensive and full of taxes and etc. some tell me its a good place, and that is true what nicholas said bc u cant buy a supercar and quickly give it back to the bank pr they may put that as a federal crime but im going to look into this because many people in singapore own supercars and how is it possible for all of them to pay so much over.;|
Posted:  07/10/2013 10:02:32
Guys, Kenny is full of sh*t lol singapore is one of the least taxed (and most business friendly) places in the world. Why do you think millionaires/billionaires like Eduardo Saverin (1 big example) are moving there?

Posted:  07/10/2013 07:36:44
just put it this way,

the bank will only loan you a large amount when they know you can afford to pay it back..banks are not that stupid to give you 1million dollar to buy a car you can't afford to keep just so you can throw it back to them..if thats true..the banks here would file bankruptcy lol
Posted:  07/10/2013 05:00:37
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what kenny said isn't true...thats not how it works among the people here with exotic cars..most of these people are high flyers...i don't know who are those people you are talking about who can own these cars then just throw it back to the bank..u talk like its free to do that, if its that easy..i would be rocking an exotic too..lol

just think of the amount of money you have to pay for the roadtax,insurance,petrol and everything else upfront when you buy a car like this..if you're not making at least 10k a month, you don't have a chance to own a car like this. period
Posted:  07/10/2013 04:58:38
Kenny this is just crazy why they would be living their paying high expensive and giving their cars and homes to the bank bc that is insane. Plus i thot singapore was a rich country except too " expensive" but that is a freakin crazy rip off, and canada is also a lovely place to live in also
Posted:  07/10/2013 01:23:38
yeah its in SGD..but even if u convert it..its still the most expensive you're gonna pay..lol
Posted:  07/09/2013 23:39:27
its probably in singaporean dollars
Posted:  07/09/2013 23:35:16
@kenny wth i am never in my whole life moving to singapore bc if i buy a gallardo here for $230,000 i am not paying $800,000 in singapore, that is the most bull i have heard in my life and that is super ridiculous. What some rip offs
Posted:  07/09/2013 23:10:26
Posted:  07/09/2013 21:46:12
In Singapore there are a lot of millionaires. I mean if you had the money, why wouldn't you?
Posted:  07/09/2013 20:03:23
Why wuld u pay $3 million more for a car that is $2.4 million, wth
Posted:  07/09/2013 19:52:57
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