Ferrari LaFerrari  |  Spotted in Auckland, New Zealand

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Ferrari LaFerrari spotted in Auckland, New Zealand

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    Auckland, New Zealand
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    Really apologise for the glare from the sun. But does it really matter when there's a damn 1/1 LaFerrari infront of me?!? I nearly had a heart attack!! This is my 175th upload btw :)
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Comments (54 total)
Amazing spot! You're really lucky to see this 1/1! L/F
Posted:  01/03/2016 04:19:11
langnews - If you want to see all the photos, they are easily accesible here:

ExoticSpotter home page is curated for the benefit of the users. it also gives recognition to spotters who upload good quality photos. I am the main curator of the site, so my personal tastes and preferences are going to determine what qualifies as featured. If you disagree, we give you the ability to upvote and favorite photos. The community's preferences are shown here:
Posted:  12/26/2015 17:08:23
Cheers Gregg. I'm aware that there is a valid reason, which has actually made it more clear now. Thanks :)
And I'm surprised it got up in the highest rated photos to be honest, the photo is alright. I've got better angles and photos to upload, but I uploaded this one because it is so rare.

But anyway thanks for the comment and help Gregg :)
Posted:  12/25/2015 18:29:11
There is absolutely a decent reason why this wasn't featured. You admitted it in the description. Featured photos are curated photos showing users the best quality shots. The rarity of the vehicle definitely plays into it, but sorry, this is not a feature quality shot.

Is it an interesting shot? Of course, and that's why, even though it wasn't featured, it made it to the highest rated photos of the week, which shows that not being featured doesn't mean your photo will not get attention.
Posted:  12/25/2015 17:38:28
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Thanks Sam!! Have you managed to catch a LaFerrari on camera yet??

Morgan, I think the admins seriously need to sit down and rethink the whole featured/non featured system. Photos of an F430 stay featured, but a LaFerrari gets unfeatured. Let's see the difference in production here. 499 LaFerraris and only 2 in New Zealand, whereas there are far more F430's in NZ and worldwide. It just seems unfair to have such an incredible find to be unfeatured, because it kind of makes you feel sh*t, and makes you wonder if you want to continue posting or spotting, if the photos will only reach a few people.
Posted:  12/23/2015 18:24:06
thats exactly how i feel luke, if the admin was jj abrams he'd love the glare, it just seems so subjective to me
Posted:  12/23/2015 11:07:00
Amazing spot luke
Posted:  12/23/2015 09:31:16
Thanks Alex :) I'm happy to see you really like this!
Posted:  12/23/2015 09:00:52
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Amazing Luke!!! L/F
Posted:  12/23/2015 09:00:02
If there was a decent reason for this to be unfeatured, then I would understand. But tbh, i would still be pissed off, even with a reason. It's a f**king LaFerrari. There is only 1 like this in the entire world, and 2 in the country. Yes, there is a glare in the photo, but it's not my fault that it's there... I'm not on this site for the likes or anything like that, but I'm here to show everyone else what New Zealand has to offer in the way of exotic cars, but when my photos get unfeatured, it means less people are being shown the exotics NZ has, which means people don't think of of the country as an exotic car holding place. Yes, there are far fewer exotics in NZ than America and England etc, but this little country still has some damn rich people in it. Just wish my photos stayed featured for more people to see.
Posted:  12/23/2015 08:58:04
y'know like, i would be fine with all these unfeatures if we at least got like a 1 line reason for why its not on featured. it just feels like we're being fucked around by internet trolls who are suddenly admins
Posted:  12/23/2015 08:45:17
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Yep NZCS, this 1/1 LaF was unfeatured.
Posted:  12/23/2015 06:55:03
Thanks Benjy, Alyssa and Matt!! I'm glad you like this. I was so exstatic to see this!
Posted:  12/23/2015 06:53:04
such a sick spec. amazing spot and shot man
Posted:  12/22/2015 23:50:03
So nice. L/F
Posted:  12/22/2015 22:43:46
Wow what a find, awesome awesome!!!
Posted:  12/22/2015 22:16:07
Cheers Jacob and Nathan.
Yes Jacob, I got plenty of photos of the P1. And it's a surprise for the 200th post :) I don't know what I'll spot between now and then :) I guess it's a surprise for me too.

Also Jack, hopefully you spot one soon!! They are insane beasts.
Posted:  12/22/2015 19:21:12
Awesome find!! Love the spec!!
Posted:  12/22/2015 19:03:48
AMAZING! I'm still yet to spot one of these in the wild and I live in the US, where these cost like half as much as they do in NZ. (And there are more than one). also @Mustang I've seen 2 but they were at Ferrari Festival and it was so crowded I could barely see :(

Also these specs look sick. The ones at Ferrari Festival weren't too uncommon looking, one was basically a reverse of this NZ spot (the one on my thumbnail), and the other was just boring stock colors.
Posted:  12/22/2015 18:49:14
Ahh yeah I see Morgan. That sucks!! At least you've spotted a Pagani Zonda... Lol!

Cheers West! And yes, this is an incredible Christmas present! Just 9 days before this is saw a P1 as well!! Both the P1 and the LaF are 1/1 cars too.

Cheers Charlie and Mahmoud! I really like this colour spec Charlie, so I wonder what it would look like reversed! Lol.

Cheers Bella and Nick! Yes, the LaFerrari looks incredible in black! Not many were produced in black which makes it rarer. And yep Bella, I chose this for my 175th upload because I just couldn't wait till the 200th post haha :)

Last but not least, cheers Ashoor and Max. This could be called the Ninjararri Ashoor yes, because of how low, sleek, fast etc it is! And it's black, so it is fitting the qualifications of a ninja so well haha!

Thanks for all of your positive comments guys. Also, I apologise for this huge ass comment haha.
Posted:  12/22/2015 18:44:55
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