Ferrari F50  |  Spotted in Palm Beach, Florida

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Ferrari F50 spotted in Palm Beach, Florida

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    Palm Beach, Florida
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    This one car made that day the greatest carspotting day I have had to date. I was hoping to see something extreme while in Palm Beach, but was not even expecting this monstrous Ferrari F50! I am pretty sure it had straight pipes because it was extremely loud! I first saw it cruise down Worth Avenue and then turn onto Hibiscus Avenue in Palm Beach.
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    AJ Ferrari
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    Ferrari F50 Palm Beach Florida  
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Comments (23 total)
I blindly went to palm beach last year and saw a few decent cars. Worth have had the most exotics in one area but throughout the beach areas I saw many cars.
Posted:  12/26/2012 16:50:19
If you all do go to Palm Beach, probably the best place to be is on South County Road near Worth Avenue. There are benches there and you can just sit and let the cars come to you. That is what I did. However, cars in Palm Beach tend to disappear after you see them. It happened to me more than once with some nice cars...
Posted:  09/05/2012 11:35:59
I was at a light and there was a SuperLeggera turing ahead and he punched it. He was long gone by the time the light changed.
Posted:  09/05/2012 06:41:42
You wouldn't expect the cars in Boca to be as great as they are because it isn't really a big city but, today I saw my second SLR here in a span of three weeks. You only have to spend a couple hours here in Boca and you will see multiple ferraris, rolls, bentleys, astons and maybe even a lamborghini or something.
Posted:  09/04/2012 22:34:14
I was in back of the parking lot taking a pic of a F430 and the security says "What are you doing walking around taking pictures." He thought I was crazy
Posted:  09/04/2012 22:28:26
I have never been to palm beach but the cars in fort lauderdale and boca never disappoint. When you get here you will have a great time no matter what.
Posted:  09/04/2012 22:27:39
It was probably just a bad day. I guarantee if you go again you will see so many great cars.
Posted:  09/04/2012 22:25:49
I went Sunday.
Posted:  09/04/2012 22:14:16
I really think it depends on when you go. I went on a Saturday afternoon and there were so many cars. When did you go?
Posted:  09/04/2012 22:09:41
I went to Bal Harbour and all i saw was a DHC, 3 Californias, and a f430. They asked me to leave. lol
Posted:  09/04/2012 22:06:11
@Ferrari F4 0 If you have a chance to go to Miami definitely stop by The Bal Harbour Shops. I went there once and I saw a 599 GTO, 458 Spyder, regular 458, FF, V8 Vantage, F430 Scuderia, Phantom, and a matte black Gallardo. I plan on going back soon but I definitely suggest stopping by there if you have time.
Posted:  09/04/2012 22:03:19
That would be fun. Make sure if you are going to Ft. Lauderdale, on the way back check Mizner Park in Boca Raton. They have lots of nice cars in the valets.
Posted:  09/04/2012 22:00:26
Best I have seen in Ft. Lauderdale -- LFA, CGT (x3), 599 GTO, Aventador (x3), tons of Murcies, Gallardos, ferraris, etc
Posted:  09/04/2012 21:50:21
@russmartin55 Boca really is great for seeing exotics. I have seen 458's, Gallardos, 2 SLR's, Ferrari 250, MP4-12C, many Californias and F430s and I have only lived here for 3 weeks.
Posted:  09/04/2012 21:36:02
I went during the middle of summer (all the rich people are up north) and I saw a few V8 Vantages, a V12 Vantages, and a Gold Rolls. I only spent like 30 min thought. Boca (about an hour south) I have seen Gallardos, 458s (one almost crashed into us.), SLS, and a lot more.
Posted:  09/04/2012 21:30:09
I don't really go to Orlando, I have seen a California. My cousin has seen McLaren and a California. Ft. Lauderdale is great everyday, especailly weekends because there are lots of super cars. Palm Beach will have more rare and hyper cars.
Posted:  09/04/2012 20:51:00
Oh, winter is the best time for spotting.
Posted:  09/04/2012 16:53:36
What part of FL?
Posted:  09/04/2012 06:44:57
Come winter, I will be up there searching LOL
Posted:  09/03/2012 22:00:41
Don't feel too bad. I wasn't expecting to see anything like this when I went down last December. I just got lucky, I guess. Hopefully I get lucky again this year. :)
Posted:  09/03/2012 21:55:45
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