Ferrari F50  |  Spotted in London, Ontario, Canada

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Ferrari F50 spotted in London, Ontario, Canada

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    London, Ontario, Canada
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    I've waited two years to see this F50. Unfortunately the picture quality is terrible because it was quite late and all I had was my cell phone, but I figure this will probably be the only picture I'll get of this car, so I figured I'd post. It's amazing how low and small this car is in person, beautiful machine.
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    Ferrari F50   London   Ontario  
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Comments (36 total)
A little bit of a blurry pick but nice spot and find
Posted:  03/20/2018 18:32:30
Actually I just left the 50th favorite ;)
Posted:  06/30/2016 21:15:43
 1 like
Much appreciated!
Posted:  07/24/2015 12:15:03
 1 like
Came back to leave a fav! 50th favourite for this spot
Posted:  07/23/2015 03:10:18
I really hope I get to see the F50 out in the wild this year. Have only seen it in the garage. Such a beautiful car, and my all time fav. l/f
Posted:  05/30/2014 10:54:16
Young kids (scoff) if there is something I hate more than anything in the world its kids with Ferraris.
Posted:  04/12/2014 18:27:39
Because he has young kids and its in Canada so even if you have multiple Ferraris, you still need to have a hockey net
Posted:  04/12/2014 09:27:39
Why do I see that hockey net in every picture I see of Carls Ferraris?
Posted:  04/12/2014 09:25:15
I just made 120 !
Posted:  04/07/2014 09:48:56
Now I'M the 100th like!
Posted:  08/25/2013 14:37:18
100th like! Love those rims.
Posted:  08/25/2013 14:31:11
Such a cozy feeling
Posted:  08/23/2013 18:34:46
One more till 100!
Posted:  08/23/2013 18:01:41

LOL !!!

It would drive me insane to park/store my cars elsewhere other than at home, even if I own the business. Even at home, my driveway is only for my parents and sister when they come and visit me or/ for whoever visits me ... The only time my cars are outside are when I am washing them or/ I am doing something in the garage.

My house originally have 2 cars garage only, but a few years ago, the house behind me went on the market, it was an old man who eventually passed away due to old age and his kids decided to sell the house, it was what you call run down, so I brought it and tore down the entire house, clean up the lot and build a new building. On the ground floor, I have enough room to park a few cars + my boat + my pair of Sea Doo, along with my lawn mower, etc.., then I build a small balcony overlooking the ground floor, and up there I have what I call " My Man Den ", it is essentially a bar area, pool table, and a washroom.
Posted:  07/31/2013 01:43:07
I see what you mean, that secret garage is so cool!
Posted:  07/31/2013 01:29:39

I see your point, but honestly if I own a business that build houses, and had the kind of money this guy has to afford all those nice Ferrari's and other exotics, I would want a garage like in this YouTube video, which BTW, I have the actual photos of them.

I specifically like the " secret garage " in 0:17 to 0:20 !!!
Posted:  07/31/2013 01:23:19
Thanks everyone! And he's not a hockey player, he has multiple businesses.
Posted:  07/29/2013 19:25:19
Maybe he doesn't want to draw a bunch of attention to his house, so he only made a 3 car garage and he w=stores the other cars somewhere else. Nice spot, and that's pretty good cell phone quality for it being almost night
Posted:  07/29/2013 19:13:26
 1 like
That looks like something his kids might play with. If he was in the NHL and really wanted the practice he'd probably have an indoor ice rink or something.
Posted:  07/29/2013 19:09:22
even though the quality is crapp, this has sooooo many likes because of the car lol
Posted:  07/23/2013 00:53:39
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