Ferrari California  |  Spotted in Westlake, Ohio

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Ferrari California spotted in Westlake, Ohio

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    Westlake, Ohio
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    First time running across this guy's collection, saw the Cali in the drive, looked a little closer and noticed the F40 peeking out! Was under a cover when I saw it, asked the guys washing the Cali to call for the owner, and he was nice enough to take the cover off, let me take some pics and chat for a minute! Guess he races a 458 in the Ferrari Challenge series, too! Was washing the Cali to trade it and the red 458 in for a Speciale!
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Comments (19 total)
Jeff isn't lying or didn't steal this photo. This is his picture and not someone elses. I even remember him posting like 10 or so pics of this guys collection on flickr!
Posted:  07/29/2014 19:48:57
Heres a pic of the F40 sitting in the driveway
Posted:  07/29/2014 13:51:43
If there is more pics I'll believe him. You're not just gonna see cars like this then only take one picture.
Posted:  07/29/2014 13:46:30
Thanks for backing me up, Tak
Posted:  07/29/2014 13:45:42
This photo definitely is not stolen. spotterjeff took the photo himself. That Flyingakland is a member on FerrariChat and he most likely saw the Flickr link Jeff posted on the Ohio Spotters Thread and took that picture off of Jeff's photostream.
Posted:  07/29/2014 13:41:08
alright IRphotography, take a few minutes, as I just have, and peruse a few more pages of that thread. The same guy, apparently within the span of a couple months, during which time he was also a student at Penn, has posted garages from Virginia, CA, CO, and some European country (I don't know their license plates...) He posts so much over there, and obviously from very distant places, that I hope you can conclude that you made a mistake in accusing me of stealing this. Go ahead and check. Then edit your post below to instead notify people that you found someone who stole MY photo.
Posted:  07/29/2014 13:31:40
no, that's when Flyinglakland joined that website, he posted the photo the same day I uploaded it to Flickr. wouldn't be surprised if he's posted a lot of stuff he stole off Flickr, check to see what other posts he's made and if the license plates are all in different states. not to mention my photo is taken about 300 miles from Cincinnati...
Posted:  07/29/2014 13:19:02
Wheres the other pictures?
Posted:  07/29/2014 13:12:43
when did u see it? cause that photo on that site was posted in august 2010? here u said on the 1/6/2014
Posted:  07/29/2014 13:10:42
well they stole it from me, then, I certainly didn't steal it from them. guy who posted it probably follows me on Flickr. not to mention it's not very nice to go accusing people when you know how the internet works and you can't say either way who stole from who without further evidence. ask c-osu7 if he thinks its stolen, he's a local spotter who follows my Flick, too, and will tell you 100% this photo is mine.
Posted:  07/29/2014 13:04:22
ya those are the same pictures.
Posted:  07/29/2014 13:00:22
wow! that must have been awesome!!!!!!!!!!
Posted:  07/29/2014 08:21:09
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Posted:  07/28/2014 16:10:21
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Inane combo! F40 for me.
Posted:  07/28/2014 15:37:19
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Well that still doesn't make me want the F40 any less :P
Posted:  07/28/2014 15:36:26
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Not pictured are the 430 Scud (caught that one in the wild last spring, silver in my photos,) F355 race car, Bentley Flying Spur, and... Jeep Wrangler!!! lol.
Posted:  07/28/2014 15:33:50
Holy cow! I'd definitely take the F40 out of his collection!
Posted:  07/28/2014 15:30:04
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Posted:  07/28/2014 08:45:56
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Nice Spot !
Posted:  07/27/2014 21:23:31
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