BMW I8  |  Spotted in Charlotte, North Carolina

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BMW I8 spotted in Charlotte, North Carolina

Details on This BMW I8:

  • Location
    Charlotte, North Carolina
  • Description
    Older shot of an i8 parked at the Burlington Coat Factory plaza off of South Blvd.
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    white   bmw   i8   south blvd   charlotte   nc  
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Comments (15 total)
It's probably about 60/40 towards ES. I log on to each site daily, but post more regularly on here because I only post two pics at a time on here, which doesn't take as long to edit as 6-10 pics per spot for AG.
Posted:  01/08/2018 22:58:14
oh, well that also seems a bit annoying. Guess the activity and image quality make balance it out though if I can get over the layout. Are you more active on here or AG?
Posted:  01/08/2018 22:41:53
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Actually it's the other way around. You have to post a pic with the plate visible (and enter the plate in a data field when uploading) or it will probably get removed. You also have to include several pics of each car. The image quality is WAAAAAY better than it is on here though, and it seems like the admins at least still give a damn by posting articles regularly on the home page.
Posted:  01/08/2018 22:28:53
Ok good to know. I never edit out license plates so that would get kind of annoying for me but I do hate on here that the quality gets butchered. Often my shots look plenty good on my laptop or phone, but when uploaded to here they are a lot worse.
Posted:  01/08/2018 22:01:15
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The layout is a little different, but I find that, once you get used to it, it's pretty user-friendly. They're a little picky about license plates, which I'm not a big fan of, but I think the quality of the site is much better than ES.
Posted:  01/07/2018 23:31:17
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Thanks Nick. Geez, West's month has been better than my lifetime for spotting. By the way - how is Autogespot? I went on it a couple of and didn't really understand the layout.
Posted:  01/07/2018 20:51:17
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Thanks Marc! Been a while since I've seen you on here; hope you're doing well. You had a ton of great spots and shots, and I will be looking out for anything new you post!
Posted:  01/07/2018 15:34:17
Nice shot!

I also need to make a comeback on the site sometime, missed it
Posted:  01/07/2018 11:35:40
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West (Horse-Power) does still post on Autogespot, and he has seen some INSANE cars since he logged off here. I mean just the past month he's posted a Chiron, a Chiron/Agera XS combo, a Carrera GT, too many Huracan/Performantes and Aventador/S/SVs to list, an F12tdf, an AMG GT R, a 911R, a 720S, a LaFerrari Aperta, and a ton of other crazy stuff. Anyway guys I always appreciate your comments, and just remember that I was once in the same place y'all are now, and I know that in the future you will be one of the spotters that users on here aspire to be.
Posted:  01/06/2018 04:18:58
I miss West. And agreed @ALB15. As I said Nick, I can always tell your shots from the thumbnail. You have a way of making your photos stand out from others.
Posted:  01/05/2018 23:12:21
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Yeah man, I know what you mean...I miss people like Andrewo (he is on Flickr but called Countach Fan) and Reputecor (probably spelled this wrong)
Posted:  01/05/2018 22:16:12
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Thanks a ton man! I always aspired to be like the best car spotters back when I first joined this site, and I just kept trying to take note of angles, editing techniques, and the like that they used. Sadly, most have since left the site, but I try to do my best to keep the cycle going for the newer members who are where I was when I was new here.
Posted:  01/05/2018 21:52:44
Amazing shot! You make, imho, a seemingly common car (the i8) stand out among the shots of Ferraris and Lamborghinis. I hope one day to be as good of a photographer as you.
Posted:  01/05/2018 21:16:20
Thanks, I always like it when that happens! The driver was actually still in the car and gave me a thumbs up when I snapped a pic, then promptly drove off and parked on the other side of the plaza.
Posted:  01/05/2018 20:43:30
Nice shot. I always like it when cars are parked with their wheels turned like that and you have some space around them.
Posted:  01/05/2018 20:15:37
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