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Top 5 Craziest Vinyl Wraps

Sep 27, 2012

Written by Qasim C. (QAZ)

Vinyl wraps have always been a love or hate thing, you either see an AMAZING wrap or just an epic FAIL.  There's no in-between, so without further ado, here are my picks for the top 5 craziest vinyl wraps... Enjoy! :)



5. Al-Khalifa Matte Purple Bugatti Veyron


This has been quite popular on this site, the Matte purple and black Bugatti Veyron from the kingdom of Bahrain, i have yet to see this one, hopefully one day :)



4. Matte lime green Ferrari FF


Probably the craziest color for a Ferrari I have ever seen! Lamborghini Yeah, but Ferrari.. I'm not sure, its growing on me every time I see this picture though.



3. Bugatti Veyron By SkinzWraps



WTF! I have no words for this car!



2. Lamborghini Aventador LP-700-4 Dragon Edition

WOW! I think this is the best looking Aventador! And the name... DRAGON Edition just sets it off. Oakley Design and Refined Marques unveiled the first of their new limited edition run of 10 Aventadors. It was unveiled at the Chelsea Auto Legends.



1. Full Leather Ferrari F430




Hands down, the craziest vinyl wrap out there! This cars is supposedly owned by Rapper (The Game). I must say it looks amazing! 

All credit goes to respective photo owners! 


What are some other crazy wraps you've seen?

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