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How to Submit Your Blog Posts

Sep 27, 2012

Since we asked for help writing guest blog posts, the response from you guys has been awesome.   As you can see, we already published some great, entertaining stories from some of your favorite spotters, and we have a steady stream coming. 

Honestly, we weren't expecting this much interest, but it's obvious that you guys love writing about your passion and we love seeing you share your opinions and knowledge. 

In an effort to make things as smooth as possible, and to ensure that your submissions get posted as quickly as possible, here are a few guidelines that we need you to follow:

Blog Post Submission Guideline


  • All blog submissions should be sent in plain text email to:  Please do not format the blog post in a word document or any other format.  Plain email text is the best.
  • You can insert any ExoticSpotter photo into the blog post by using the Embed Code - found on each individual photo page, underneath the spotter information box. 
  • All other images need to be uploaded to with a maximum width of 640 pixels (IMGUR allows you to easily edit and crop your photos after uploading).  You will need to get the Direct Link URLs of the images and wrap it in some simple HTML.  

For example, here is what a photo uploaded to IMGUR looks like:

You need to get the Direct Link URL, in this case it's:

You then need to wrap HTML around it, like this: <img src=""> and insert that into your submitted blog post, wherever you want the image to appear within the text - it's pretty simple.



  • As a last step, be sure to include your User Name so we can credit you




What Kind of Blog Posts  Should You Write About?

We are primarilly looking for blog posts that will keep our community updated with the latest exotic car news.  For example, when exotic car manufacturers release information or photos about upcoming models, or when Tuners release new models, the community should know about it.  After all, these are the cars we're trying to spot on the streets, the first step is to be aware of what's out there.

But we don't want to limit the blog to just  news. If you know a lot about a particular exotic, write an interesting post about the car's history or  other interesting information. You can also do car comparisons, come up with interesting lists, photo tips, or anything else you can think of that will be entertaining for our community. The only requirement is that the content has to do with exotic cars. 

Please DO NOT copy the writing from somewhere else, and please check for grammar and spelling errors before submitting.  Your post needs to be original, put your own opinions into it and get the community talking. We look forward to receiving your posts, and will give you feedback if your post is not accepted for some reason.


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