Audi R8  |  Spotted in Laurel, Maryland

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Audi R8 spotted in Laurel, Maryland

Details on This Audi R8:

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    Laurel, Maryland
  • Description
    the owner is a super nice guy
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    R8 / audi / supercar / Exotic cars  
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Comments (21 total)
@FahhQu its all good bro!

(all I was saying is that I've never seen a positive comment on any of my posts, oh well...)
Posted:  02/08/2019 00:22:02
I don't? I mean sh*t, not intended towards you only but I call out people on their BS... And give praise to amazing catches. Sorry if you feel I targetted you only but that's not the case nor am I trying to pick on you bud just hoping this site can recover (highly doubtful but a wish is a powerful thing)

I'll admit your Vaydor spot is a good catch but I personally don't like the car since it's technically just an Infiniti with a body kit :-) thus no comment (but I did drop a like) but if you do notice in the recent comments section I have given kudos to:

Not trying to single you out just calling it out as it is bro
Posted:  02/06/2019 20:30:23
you ALMOST NEVER say anything positive: thoughts on my vaydor that I saw?

you should try to equal your negative comments with positive ones :D
Posted:  02/06/2019 20:04:18
I'm answering your point bro additionally you came back to the spotlight when your previous dealership posts that should've been deleted weren't... anyyywhooo move on brother
Posted:  02/06/2019 18:26:39
 1 like
why beat a dead dog as they say
Posted:  02/06/2019 18:21:50
I am aware... have I done it lately??? no. these are the same post i talked with you a couple of months back about
Posted:  02/06/2019 18:21:23
Exactly nothing wrong with going to a dealership, everything wrong with taking pics while there and posting them on here with a rubbish description of how it's at a mall or starbucks... you know this man!
Posted:  02/06/2019 16:12:33
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dealership spots arent allowed on here. they arent legit. sorry to say
Posted:  02/05/2019 22:36:47
@FahhQu what is wrong at liking Lamborghini sterling it is a really cool dealership within walking distance of Ferrari sterling like a 2min walk away!

and when MD cars are so lame going to sterling is like a supercar breath of fresh air

while spotters in CA see eggs and bugs at the local hooters: cough, cough LOL :D
Posted:  02/05/2019 22:18:05
In agreement with Tweedle and the description was edited after my comment to now not show the address... @MarylandSpotter yes it's not in the rules but it's quite common sense not to put someone's address on blast like that, to be honest, ask yourself if you'd welcome people to your home peeping around looking for an exotic... I sure wouldn't.

On a side note though it's quite uncommon that someone posts addresses in there post but quite a coincidence that at the same time you post this, and call out an address @highgear does the same thing including zip codes (literally typed the address in the exact same format as you did)... Is that your third account :) ?

Your favourite hang out:
Posted:  02/05/2019 05:46:35
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I find that hard to believe, considering that a conversation about spots (even more specifically, an R8 spot) is hard to confuse with an R8 spot's comment section.

But don't worry. You can keep telling yourself that. :)
Posted:  02/05/2019 05:35:35
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@Mtweedel13 I was talking to someone else and accidentally posted it here idk how but that's why.
Posted:  02/04/2019 23:02:26
there is nothing in es rules that says otherwise

and for people in MD an R8 is like a P1
Posted:  02/04/2019 23:00:00
@columbusspotter Check description
Posted:  02/04/2019 22:39:07
I don't see any addresses?
Posted:  02/04/2019 22:28:25
I agree with @fahhqu on this one, you cant post someones private address on here...
Posted:  02/04/2019 22:22:27
LOL ... Fahhhkkk I missed it :-( Mtweedel13 pleaseeeeee PM me and explain because I need a great laugh on such a long Monday...

On top of that, the cherry here is putting up a random person's FULL ADDRESS.... What in the hell bro... Why post a person's address? It's not like its a P1 or something hyper levelled in which someone else may want to see it so you PM them the address... You just flat out advertised this guy's house.
Posted:  02/04/2019 20:29:49
*deletes 1st comment and acts like it never happened*

I hope you know that you're making it really hard to like you.
Posted:  02/04/2019 18:25:54
what is the 2nd account?????????????????????

wtf dude (I don't)
Posted:  02/04/2019 17:49:24
Posted:  02/04/2019 05:01:42
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