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Best Places to Spot Exotic Cars

Oct 09, 2012

Written by Austin M. (Ferrari F4 0)

Many of us like to go spotting. We may walk downtown, sit on a curb for a few hours or even chase down cars. The problem is, you never know what you might see. Some days you may have a good day, with lots of spots, or some days you may be out there for hours and not even see a Corvette. Here is my guide of where to spot.


Car Wash:

Car washes are great for spotting, because everybody wants their cars looking nice and clean. The best time to go is on a nice, warm day. Sometimes you may have to wait, but hey, it will be worth it if a Gallardo pulls up. 

Lamborghini Gallardo 

Spotted by JesseStephens


Fancy, Expensive or Famous Restaurant:

The more money you have, you can eat at some famous restaurants. If you are ever driving around with nothing to do, check out some restaurants on the weekends. Sometimes the owner has an exotic, when I was in Switzerland the owner of a restaurant had a Aston Martin. Every night I would walk down to the Restaurant, some nights an Evora, some nights a Ferrari F430. You never know what you might see. 


Aston Martin DB9

Ferrari F430

Spotted by FerrariF4 0



Hotels are a great place to spot, every night there might be something different. If you live in a place where the exotics only come around on the weekends, go on a Saturday evening. Also look for big name Hotels, not a $50 per night hotel. Some hotels don't like people walking around taking pictures, so be careful.


Bugatti Veyron

Spotted by andrewo


Aston Martin Vantage

Spotted by FerrariF4 0


Certain Street:

Every town/city has that one certain street where an exotic car is always parked. These streets are either:

1. A very busy, popular street where people will see his/her car and get attention or

2. The opposite of the above, a side street, where its not very busy and people don't see his/her car, so people don't take pictures, or touch the car. 

To see these cars in these places, you often have to go a certain time of the day, usually on the weekends. 


Bentley Continental

Porsche 911 GT3

Spotted by FerrariF4 0


Other Vintage

Other Vintage

Spotted by DjShift


Major Highway:

Highways are a great place to spot, but they often require lots of patience. I like to sit and wait for cars to drive by, as I find that if you wait long enough, the cars will come. It also depends on where you live, maybe sitting beside the highway just doesn't work for you. Another option is if you are a passenger in a vehicle, always keep your camera ready, pointed at the opposite side of the highway. If that's a great way to spot for you, always keep a spare pair batteries handy.


Lamborghini Murcielago

Spotted by ferrucio


Ferrari F430

Spotted by Bugattifan15


Golf Courses:

Golf courses are a great place to spot. Here you are more likely to find a luxury car, such as a Bentley or Rolls Royce, but you never know what you may find. Try to go on a weekend. Every man loves his golf!


Dodge Viper

Spotted by PaMotorhead

Bentley Arnage

Spotted by Bugattifan15


So please keep these tips in mind, but remember, you are never certainly going to spot a car in these locations, because we have good days and bad days. Good luck!

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Another good place to spot is student apartment complexes. A lot of foreign exchange students from China come to america and go to universities for example IU, Michigan State, OSU, etc. They buy mclarens, ferraris, loads of maseratis, bimmers and Mercedes Benz. Many days you find exotic cars parked outside on a nice day. Students that don't have a garage in their apartment will have their car parked outside year round. Some of the students may leave for the summer back to China and leave their car just sitting out in the heat all summer.
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