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Looking for Volunteer Bloggers

Sep 19, 2012

As many of you know, we're working hard to bring you a ton of new features for the site. Currently, we're building a custom forum that will make it easy for you to communicate with your fellow spotters. We'll be launching that pretty soon!

In the meantime, we need your help. We created this blog to share interesting stories with you guys, but we don't have time to update it right now. There's a lot of interesting news that we want to share, for example, McLaren just released photos of the F1 succesor, the P1. It's an incredible looking car that will be a very rare spot when it hits the streets.

McLaren P1

Since we're working on a bunch of other features and don't have the time to update the blog right now, we're looking for volunteers. If you would like to contribute and keep your fellow spotters updated with the latest exotic car stories, please get in touch with us.

You can email Gregg at or leave a comment.

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Posted:  10/18/2017 08:53:52
Posted:  07/15/2016 02:12:25
i will blog as well got a great topic in mind
Posted:  09/27/2012 05:38:54
I would LOVE to blog as well!
Posted:  09/26/2012 19:46:00

Please send me an email with more details. I am an award-winning journalist and 30+-year car fanatic and I'd be interested in helping out as time allows.
Posted:  09/26/2012 00:02:56
 1 like
Not much of writer but I do have vast knowlegde of rare and unique cars(most are non-exotics, mostly for past cars since their aren't many unique ones currently). I'd be willing to contribute any ideas for future stories. :)
Posted:  09/25/2012 20:25:01
Dear Gregg, I would love to be a blogger, but I may only do 1 or 2 posts, Because I'm not that much of a writer myself. Also, I think I know a few cars that will come out soon that many don't know...

Your buddy, Driveblox man

P.S, send me a message If you say its ok.
Posted:  09/25/2012 18:27:24
hello gregg, i would love to be a blogger in the site, i would really like to help, and it would be a honor to be chosen so if you would like that i help with the site or any task you want me to do I'm up for it, if so if you would like my services send me an email please. I know my english is not the best but i can improve, and i would really enjoy writing about cars, since they are my passion, i would really like to be selected as a blogger, if you want me to be one of your team send me a message or a mail, i would really appreciate to be part of your team thanks. Adolfo Suarez (bugattivss)
Posted:  09/25/2012 16:36:49
I would love to volunteer, Gregg. Could you send me an email for more details? I would LOVE to write about cars!
Posted:  09/25/2012 15:41:48
Hello Gregg,

I'm certainly willing to volunteer. Would you mind sending me the details?
Posted:  09/25/2012 15:25:53
Hello Gregg,
I' m a very willing volunteer to be a help with blogging for the site. I'm possibly the highest contributing 12 year old on the site. I could help advertizements on websites like, Facebook, Twitter, and other sites and possibly magazines. I'm not sure if you guys will alow a 12 year old like me blog for the site.

I could also help you guys blog about the new, McLaren P1, Ferrari F70, Lotus Esprit, Porsche 918, 2012 NSX, Jaguar C-X75, etc. Just any new, or concept hypercar or supercar.

It's your decision on who to blog for the site. So, I won't have any hard feelings if I'm not chosen, but still, I'd REALLY want to be a blogger for this site more than anything else.

Yours truely,
P.S, If you want my e-mail, send me a message!
Posted:  09/25/2012 14:49:19
Hello Gregg

I would be glad to help on the site, I'm the best rated and biggest contributer from Argentina. I would ike to help you with this since it's a big improvement on the site and I would love to be a part of it.

Thank you

Tomas Picasso
Posted:  09/25/2012 13:41:43
I got some free time and good resources, hit me up!!
Posted:  09/25/2012 10:21:25
This would be a cool thing to do. I'm interested in it.
Posted:  09/25/2012 06:55:52
I might be able to do a couple every once in a while.
Posted:  09/24/2012 06:25:55
This definitely sounds like something I would be good at, I'd love to volunteer to write blog posts, I already do blogs for a bunch of other websites, and people really seem to like the way they're written. I had a lot of people who thought I was twice my age because of the way I wrote blogs for the site.
Posted:  09/24/2012 01:22:27
I would love to help out, I will do anything to help improve this fantastic website. I can't wait to see all the new features.

Justin P.
Posted:  09/20/2012 21:49:12
i would like to volunteer as well :)
Posted:  09/20/2012 16:11:27
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