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FastMojo2, 05 November 2017, 16:14
Exotics are precious and highly respected. But have you ever saw someone harassing/disrespecting it (e.g. touching it continuously, sitting on it, etc.)? If you do, comment below!

Here's an example.

This security guard keeps touching the rear (and spoiler) of this Liberty Walk Lamborghini Aventador:

See this:

I once saw a 19-year-old teenager sliding his finger in the left side of this Ferrari 458 Italia while I'm taking pictures of it, and it causes the alarm to went off (no pics):

Before spotting this Ferrari 488 GTB, a security guard told me he had kicked out a group of kids, which he saw, leaning and playing around with the car (no pics):
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from Jakarta, Indonesia
dandude999, 05 November 2017, 17:07
I've seen kids leaning on some exotics before for pictures and plenty of people touching exotics. Nothing spectacular though.

from Reading, United Kingdom
waddle2gracious, 05 November 2017, 21:23
I've said this in a comment thread before somewhere on this site, but here's my story from about 6-7 years ago:

I was in a local downtown area, gazing upon a gorgeous early 1940s Packard. Perfect condition- I had previously walked around it, seeing it was spotless, then sat on a bench about 15 feet away to appreciate it some more. Then, a mother with her daughter (mother maybe late 30s/early 40s, daughter maybe 4 or 5 years old) come walking by the car to cross the street. The mother is on her phone- busily wrapped up in a conversation with presumably a friend, while her daughter struggles to keep up due to the mother's fast walking pace. As they approach and walk past the Packard, the mother says to her friend on the phone, "Ugh, men take too good care of their cars." I'm not sure why she said this, because her friend over the phone can't see the car, but I suppose it was just a mindless spoken thought. Anyway, the point:

Her daughter had a toy in one hand, and the daughter, while walking by the Packard, ran her hand with the toy across the ENTIRE side of the car. I'm unsure if the toy contacted the car, but you could see the streak leftover from her hand. Very disappointing to see a kid being raised that way, and to see such a sign of disrespect. You can tell how that girl will be raised.

from Florida
Leaf_Soto, 06 November 2017, 03:53
I garage owner in town (not my town, a bigger one nearby) has a Lambo Gallardo Superleggera. About a year or so back, I heard a rumor he took it to a show where some drunk guy tried to pee on it. I laughed of course, seeing how it was only a rumor. But if it did happen, and I saw it, I would be running by and punching square in the face.

from Kansas
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