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ethanmckinley1, 07 September 2017, 23:46
There are so many different types of special-edition Koenigsegg Agera's that I can't keep track of all them. I can't seem to find a complete list of all the one-offs and special editions Agera's like the RS, ML, XS, RSR, RS1, RS Gryphon and much more. They don't even have a complete list on their own website or Wikipedia. Please help me understand this lol. Thank you.

from Portland, Oregon
SummerNeverDies, 08 September 2017, 02:02
There's also an awesome purple one called the Agera BLT in China I believe

from Minnesota
Werner, 09 September 2017, 03:11
The BLT. . . now, if there was one designated the 'BCN CHSBRGR', I could drive it.

And here I was wondering what to do for lunch tomorrow. Now, you've gone and made me hungry for a BLT.

from Elk, Washington
Star080, 10 September 2017, 22:26
The BLT was impounded by the Chinese custom services in late 2012 due to the claim that the owner was trying to evade import taxes.
The owner, BLT (The owner's nickname, Ban Li Tou-it means "chestnut head", some rich dude the Southwestern city of Kunming) was pissed off and he refused to pay more to take the car back. So it remained impounded for a long while. However, this car was spotted several times in Shenyang (A city in Northeast China) in 2015 (,, the government probably have auctioned this car in 2014. But I haven't head a lot about the car in this year.
The purple one is the Zijin ("Purple gold") Agera, it was in Shanghai for a while, but it was sold to London eventually.
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Leaf_Soto, 01 December 2017, 23:52

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