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BugattiBoy, 12 August 2018, 18:37
I was wondering what the best sports cars of the 90s were. I don't have much experience in that era, lol. They can be sports cars, luxury cars, GTs, supercars, etc.
I'll start (JDM is king here)
97-01 Integra Type-R
88-91 Honda CRX Si
90-05 Acura NSX
89-99 BMW 8-Series
93-95 Mazda RX-7
89-97 Miata
90-96 Nissan 300ZX
93-02 Supra
89-99 Toyota MR2
92-00 WRX STi (specifically the 22b)
91 GMC Syclone
90-96 Corvette ZR1
R32 and R33 Skyline GT-R

Any others?

from Mission Viejo, California
hjrodenburg, 12 August 2018, 20:37
Ferrari F50 woooooooh

from Washington
BugattiBoy, 12 August 2018, 20:58
True however I was just listing sports cars and not hypercars or the like. Good addition :)

from Mission Viejo, California
MinnesotaExotics, 13 August 2018, 00:38
The only somewhat cool cars from the 90s in my opinion is the F50, F1, and Diablo GTR. The Lamborghini Diablo is a supercar and a car from the 90s.
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from Stillwater, Minnesota
Leaf_Soto, 13 August 2018, 05:12
Best JDM is a tie between the RX-7 and the R34
Best supercar is a tie between the Diablo and the F1
Best car (normie car) is either the Buick Roadmaster of the Crown Victoria
Best sports car is probably the MX-5
Best truck is the Syclone
Best van is the Ford Aerostar. (Biased as Mum used to have one)

from Kansas
FastMojo2, 13 August 2018, 06:43
You forgot the Mercedes-Benz R129 SL series.

This was my first favorite car before the R32 GT-R.
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from Jakarta, Indonesia
BugattiBoy, 13 August 2018, 13:24
True, love the R129 c:
Remember it doesn't have to be a supercar it can be a sports car too.
Speaking of which:
99-09 Honda S2000
89-94 Nissan 240SX
89-95;98-03 BMW M5
91-02 Dodge Viper
82-91 Porsche 944

Buick Roadmaster all the way too
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from Mission Viejo, California
sumosloths, 15 August 2018, 09:46
Lotus Esprit
Jaguar XJ220
Bugatti EB110
Dodge Viper
Toyota Supra
Mazda RX-7

Just to name a few

from South San Francisco, California
Werner, 17 August 2018, 06:51
Jaguar XJ220
1996 Porsche Boxster (Because who else makes a convertable version before a hardtop?)
Aaaaand the Buick Regal GS. . . A supercharged, 240HP ball of FWD fury. . .

from Elk, Washington
BugattiBoy, 24 August 2018, 19:03
wow never even thought of that. I guess Buick was at their top in the 90s ;p

from Mission Viejo, California
Werner, 25 August 2018, 08:43
Aw yeuh boi. . .

from Elk, Washington
ChrisGreenberg, 30 July 2019, 14:34
I had 89-97 miata. The car is really good. The only problem was the seat trim. Hair and all kinds of garbage stuck to them. I had to order on the site vacuum cleaner. He really handled it all. I think this is the only drawback of this car.

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