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  • Name Onur Ayrik
  • Age 35
  • Gender Male
  • From New York , Brooklyn
  • About Me How's it going? I'm a sick gearhead and I have a keen interest in car spotting, but I'm just getting started so I'm new to this. I'm from Brooklyn, and I have to say... this isn't the best place to spot exotics. But I'm just a beginner, no more than a motivated 90's Nintendo player who just started playing Super Mario World. So let's see how it goes. I'll be on YouTube soon. Exotic spotting isn't well known here in NYC so hopefully I'll stand out.
  • Interests I love to spot and take pictures of high-end automobiles. I also have a keen interest in drawing supercars straight out of my imagination. In other words, my dream car is actually a dream car. That non - existing mechanical marvel, embedded deep within my mind.
  • Website Instagram/onurayrik