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  • Name CadeNN
  • Age 25
  • Gender Male
  • From Kentucky
  • About Me My name is Cade. I was born and raised in KY. I started developing an interest in sports cars in 2013 after starting to play a video game called NFS: Hot Pursuit. I then quickly bought the game NFS: Rivals and quickly over the period of 5-7 months started becoming more and more familiar with common sports, super, and hypercars. By the age of 15 I almost became familiar with all of the high-end, or luxury cars the world had to offer and got highly interested in Carspotting and playing more and more Car video games to become more familiar with high-end automobiles and classics! I am 18 now, driving myself, and I have developed a strong passion for watching the road, waiting for any sort of sports car to come rolling down the road so that I can exclaim it to the whole car group! I live in a decently medium sized town that does have its wealthy people, but I don't see too many supercars where I live, which gives me even more of a burning passion for spotting high end vehicles!
  • Interests CarSpotting (DUH), Photography, Video Games, Playing Sports, Rock Climbing, and Mountain Biking.
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