Lamborghini Urus  |  Spotted in Port Moody, BC, Canada

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Lamborghini Urus spotted in Port Moody, BC, Canada

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    Port Moody, BC, Canada
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    I will take this photo down if it is not allowed. But here it is ... after months of waiting for it, my Urus got delivered to my house last night. Well, not exactly the one I ordered, that one won't arrived till Spring 2019, but the dealership had a client backed away from a deal ( client filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy,but the SUV was incoming ), so i did a short lease on this one till mine arrives.
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    Lamborghini Urus  
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Comments (14 total)
Posted:  11/13/2018 18:22:00
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lol, for someone that is supposedly so financially successful you come across as a 14 year old attention freak
Posted:  11/12/2018 06:06:38
Wow! That's insane! Congratulations on your two Lamborghini purchases!
Posted:  11/11/2018 08:35:21
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Haha ... nothing crazy ( YET ) !!!

Currently aside from the Urus, there are the following in the garage

1) My modified VW Golf GTI ( track-car / weekend toy ) - Crazy car, close to 600-HP
2) 2018 Porsche Macan GTS

Saving the last space for my other " toy " arriving, hopefully before the spring of 2019, dealership is hoping to deliver before the Urus.

Yes, another Lamborghini ... an Aventador S Roadster !!!
Posted:  11/10/2018 16:34:35
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What is behind it in the garage?
Posted:  11/10/2018 01:00:07
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Thank you.

Like I mentioned in my description, this isn't the Urus I ordered, I am just leasing this one till my actual Urus arrives around Spring 2019.

Initially I thought I won't like the yellow, but after a day now, it is starting to grow on me, definitely attracted lot of attention last night after I took delivery and went out for dinner with my " girl ". Drove it to the office this morning ... and been looking out my office windows all day and seeing people stopping or/& slowing down to look and/or take photos of it ...

I will drive it, but it won't be my daily driver.

P.S. - I am surprised nobody has asked me what I have in the garage behind it { It is a deep 2-cars garage, so can park 4 vehicles ... one of them will be the Urus ... }.
Posted:  11/10/2018 00:57:31
Holy sh*t what a beauty! PLEASE use it and not keep it in the same place collecting dust :>
Posted:  11/09/2018 23:35:49

Ah ... got your question ... well, I am a pimp and a drug king ... haha, just kidding ... I am not going to go into a long details ... so will just say I am currently a senior VP of finance for a large international firm ... then on the side, I made some sound ( good ) investments over the years including real estates, ...

Finally, except for a few vehicles that I still owned, most times I lease my vehicles then I have the benefits of writing them off, and at the same time, return it and get a new one when the warranty expires.

I am not like that a**hole, arrogant B.C. that goes around and behaving like he owns the whole world with his white mafia gang and living off daddy and mommy. I came from a middle class family ... dad was an aircraft engineer and mom was a stay-at-home mom ... so I had student loans, etc... just like most of you growing up ... but I knew I wanted a better life for myself and I knew I had to study hard, get a good job, made good investments, if I want to own the nice stuffs.

Not going to offend anyone here, but I am sure most of you were partying, drinking alcohol, smoking, ... growing up; while I wake up, go to school, went home, study, sleep, and next morning repeat all over again ... on the weekend, got two part time jobs ... when I could, I start tutoring on the side ...
Posted:  11/09/2018 23:00:48
He worked hard and saved his money.

Honestly, such personal questions don't need to be, and shouldn't be, asked.
Posted:  11/09/2018 22:55:31
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How did you get enough money for one?
Posted:  11/09/2018 22:35:48

Don't quite understand your question, but I will answer it what I think you are trying to ask me.

When the Urus was announced months ago, along with prices, options, etc.., I placed an order for one, sight unseen, just like the person who ordered this one ... The wait time was about 1 year, so I was told I won't get mine till Spring 2019.

Then a few weeks ago, I received a call from my dealership re: this particular incoming Urus, client had to back away from the deal, the SUV would arrive end of October ~ beginning of November ... I told my dealership I still wanted mine, but don't mind temporarily leasing this one till mine arrives.

My sales rep thought I should lease this one till mine arrives because in terms of options, it was spec out exactly like mine, only differences are the :

1) exterior color
2) rim choice
3) brake caliper color
4) this is the standard 5-passengers configuration; while I went with the 4-passengers option
5) Seat color

So there you go ...
Posted:  11/09/2018 22:31:47
Also its allowed since I saw someone post a picture of their Packard and have it get accepted once
Posted:  11/09/2018 22:21:26
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How did you purchase it?
Posted:  11/09/2018 22:20:44
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Congratulations! I love your new car. ( ;
Posted:  11/09/2018 19:25:23
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