Lamborghini Gallardo  |  Spotted in Beverly Hills, California

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Lamborghini Gallardo spotted in Beverly Hills, California

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    Beverly Hills, California
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    I saw this Gallardo on Rodeo.
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Comments (29 total)
Yes, that is a 200 megapixel camera
Posted:  02/10/2013 00:38:40

A hasselblad is perfect for car photography;
Posted:  02/10/2013 00:32:31
Probably not as bad as dropping computers on your foot though. That happens to me all the time
Posted:  02/04/2013 22:49:36
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Could you imagine dropping that camera on your foot! Ouch! Haha.
Posted:  02/04/2013 22:47:32
I always keep one hand on my camera when it's around my neck to make sure the strap doesn't break but i probably wouldn't like it if i didn't support it with my hand.
Posted:  02/04/2013 22:44:00
Sam you won't like a heavy camera when you have to have it hanging around your neck all day. It's awful.
Posted:  02/04/2013 22:39:39
And i did notice that my nikon D3200 takes forever to upload anything since it's 24 megapixels.
Posted:  02/04/2013 22:13:00
Well, i like heavy things because i lift weights. Lol. But it really was pointless for me to say that.

Anyways. How about the Nikon D800s???
They actually got better reviews than the 5D mark III.
Posted:  02/04/2013 22:12:03
What does "i like heavy things" even mean? How could you prefer something heavy and harder to carry around?
Posted:  02/04/2013 17:28:04
Agreed 100% with AC1234. I don't care if you like heavy things. That camera just isn't going to work for car spotting.

20 megapixels is more than enough for a camera. The Canon EOS 5D Mark III has 22, and it's a simply incredible camera, and more than you would ever need.
Posted:  02/04/2013 11:28:03
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that hasselblad is my dream camera.

i like heavy things (and high megapixels, even thoush i know what they really are)

and the 30's is what i meant by a few. lol
Posted:  02/02/2013 18:05:29
A Hasselblad is completely impractical for spotting cars. It's enormous and far too heavy to carry around all day, and having a 60 mp camera is utterly unnecessary anyway.
Posted:  02/02/2013 15:24:07
I did a bit more research on it. The Hasselblad H4D-60 has 60 megapixels because it's supposed to be a camera that does landscapes and far-away photos.

Car example of a Hasselblad H4D-60:

Night shot with an H4D-60:
Posted:  02/02/2013 14:07:27
Uhh, Sam, the Hasselblad H4D-60 is a 60 megapixel camera that costs $32k-$34k.
Posted:  02/02/2013 14:01:51
27-7 Excellent shot Andrew, as well a great find.
Posted:  02/02/2013 10:53:45
Or if you have a few thousand buy the hasselblad H4D-60
Posted:  02/02/2013 08:19:08
Or if you're loaded and have nothing to spend money on, buy the beast Canon 5D MK III.
Posted:  02/02/2013 07:35:16
If you have the money, get the T3i, or even a T4i. But the T3 is still excellent.
Posted:  02/01/2013 23:55:13
Ok thanks. I was going to get a new camera soon and I really like the quality of this shot.
Posted:  02/01/2013 23:11:00
He's got a Canon T3.
Posted:  02/01/2013 22:54:47
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