Lamborghini Aventador  |  Spotted in Vancouver BC, Canada

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Lamborghini Aventador spotted in Vancouver BC, Canada

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    Vancouver BC, Canada
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    I will take this down, if it is not allowed as some of you might consider it as not a true spotting. I was invited by Lamborghini Vancouver to test-drive the all-new, beautiful 2018 Lamborghini Aventador S Roadster The event was NOT publicly announced, they only invited 12 people ( 4 test drives per day for each of the 3 days ), and the secret location was only disclosed to the invited guests ... Test drive lasted 90 minutes
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Comments (12 total)
KennyMK6R I just creating my own business and for now drive Toyota), but have serious plan for myself and my business.

And I formed respect people, who create there business alone without any help.

On July 1 (my birthday) I drived Nissan GTR and lamborghini Gallardo.
What can I say...driven better GTR, but more emotions is Gallardo :).

If you will be there again, just text me. Always happy to meet with new people.
I live not far too.
Posted:  07/22/2018 05:02:38

Thanks man ! ... I love it so far. Only thing I done to it so far is change the rims, didn't like the black rims, so my Porsche 911 Targa 4 GTS looks like this:

( Just love black seats with red stitching - If I get the Lamborghini Aventador S, going with the same style, black seats with red stitching )

... but with these rims:
Posted:  07/20/2018 02:13:36

High 5 on the Targa 4 GTS man, and yeah this silver does look fantastic :)
Posted:  07/19/2018 19:29:23

No, I don't have a big family. At this moment, it is only me and my girl. But I love my toys. No, PLEASE don't think I am one of those spoiled rich brat from Asia living off daddy and mommy monies, like that rich, arrogant, SOB Ben C. ... I came from a middle-class family ... got my PhD and my CMA ( now CPA ) designation ... and slowly worked myself in the same firm for the last 15 years from a relatively low position to now the senior vice president, and a partner for the firm. But along the way, I made sound investments into some stocks like Amazon, ... along with some other investments into some of my friends' companies ... so with all those three incomes, it has allowed me to live a very comfortable life with some nice toys lol.

Yeah, I agree with you re: the super-expensive options, but the matte finish and the exterior carbon fiber package on this Aventador S made it looks so amazing. Very tempting.

Yes, I still have my modified Golf ... I don't think I will sell it ... It has sentimental value ... It is now more of my weekend toy ... Yes, I used to have an Audi SQ5, but when the lease ended, I went to a Porsche Macan GTS. My girl now drives that daily ... I brought the Range Rover because I always dreamt about owning one since young ... But my dad always warned me about the British automobiles and its reliability ... but I brought it then gave it to my parents to drive ( see below )

Now, if you really want to know my current vehicles inventory here it is:

Here at my main residence in West Vancouver:

2018 Porsche 911 Targa 4 GTS
2017 Porsche Macan GTS
2018 BMW M760Li xDrive
2010 VW Golf GTI ( heavily-modified ... weekend toy )

At my vacation home in Victoria next to my parents' home ... my parents are retired, so I go there often on long weekends, etc.. and usually just walk onto the ferry so I keep older vehicles there for me to use while I am there and usually they have a more comfy ride. My parents have a new Bentley Continental GT V8 Convertible, a Rolls-Royce Ghost sedan, and the 2017 Range Rover Autobiography LWB, but occasionally drive my below Mercedes GL550 if they have guests.

2006 Mercedes C350 4Matic
2015 Mercedes GL550 4Matic ( brought used )
2017 Range Rover Autobiography LWB

Other Toys:

2018 Ferretti 850
2018 Sea-Doo GTX Limited
2018 Ski-Doo Grand Touring Limited
2018 Polaris RZR XP Turbo Dynamix Edition

I am NOT going to brag here that I brought all of those vehicles & toys outright, except for my VW, Mercedes, & the Range Rover, the rest of the vehicles, I leased them and usually return them at the end of it, so I can try something new.

As for my toys, I always LOVE boats ... brought my first 21-ft boat when I graduated university, told myself I won't go any bigger than a 35-ft ... haha ... Over the years, I would slowly own one for 1 to 3 years, then go to a bigger one, then I hit my goal, brought a 35-ft speedboat then I brought an used 55-ft cabin cruiser ... then I brought my sea-doo's, hence why I needed a SUV with serious towing capability to tow the sea-doo, then finally I traded in my speedboat and the cabin cruiser for the current Ferretti 85-ft luxury yacht ... Of course, I decided to buy the luxury yacht also after I sold my land in Kelowna that I owned for years ... never build anything on it, but a developer approached me last year. As for my sea-doo, ski-doo & ATV, obviously, again lease them for one year, then return it at the end of lease for a new one. The sea-doo is kept on my yacht; while the ski-doo and ATV are kept at my whistler home, so I don't tow them anymore.

As I mentioned, I have shares in a few companies, so I set up a company of my own, which owns the shares of these companies, so I write off my leases.

My plan, IF I proceed with the two Lamborghini's, is to trade in the Range Rover when my Urus arrived ... Then with the Aventador S, I will simply return the Porsche 911 when the lease is up in February 2018 ( 12-mths lease, got it in Feb 2018 ), and simply use my BMW as my new daily driver till the lease is up in 2020.

Yes, if I do that, that means I am taking back the Range Rover from my parents, so I am not sure what I will get them, maybe the new Audi Q8.

Hahaha, don't worry about my "girlfriend" ... I mean I still respect her and treat her with dignity, but she knows when to back off ... Don't forget, she is only 23 years old and she knows she got a lot to lose, if she gets me angry ... When she was with her ex-boyfriend, she was only living in a rented basement suite with him, to pay for her studies, she was working P/T at Starbucks and had also just started working as a dancer at an " adult club " on the weekend ( went there with friends for a friend's bachelor party, told me it was her 2nd weekend there, fell in love with her, and basically told her not to work anymore and I would support her ), and driving an old rusty Mazda Protege ES sedan. Now she is living the good life, still going to school, all paid by me, living with me in a 8,540-sq-ft custom luxury home ( so I usually find her by MY infinity pool when I come home ), and going to/from her UBC studies with MY Porsche Macan GTS.
Posted:  07/19/2018 18:05:56
@KennyMK6R......I've seen you mention a modified Golf and Audi Q's, but never a Range Rover LWB (do you have a big family?)

Personally I think super-expensive options can be ridiculous and unnecessary, oh and man-up about your GF (if she was your wife then yes it would be an issue lol)
Posted:  07/19/2018 15:10:34

For sure ... the $ 22,000 Cdn exterior carbon fiber package, and that $ 23,000 Cdn silver/gray matte finish looks so amazing on the supercar, but I am having a tough time justifying spending the $ 50k for those 2 options alone, almost 10% value of the vehicle.
Yeah, decided to upgrade my avatar lol.


Yeah, only reason why I was invited was because I been in discussions ( in-person, email, and phone calls ) with Lamborghini Vancouver the past few months regarding a new Lamborghini ... I was initially looking at the reg. Aventador, but they told me at that time the new Aventador S was coming out, so I waited.

I already told them once I come back from my summer vacation in August, I will finalize my order. Apparently if I order mine before the middle of August, I will be getting the car somewhere around mid-April to mid-May 2019. Upon ordering, a $ 50k deposit is required.

Most likely, I am also ordering the Lamborghini Urus to replace my 2017 Range Rover Autobiography LWB ... totally regret buying the Range Rover ... constant issues with it ... worst $ 230,000 I ever spent ...

A major issue right now is convincing my girlfriend to let me BUY these two Lamborghini ... hahaha

Just curious, what do you drive or/& own ? ... I also often drive up to Cypress Bowl.
Posted:  07/19/2018 06:02:37
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Cypress Road - love it. I stay at the same place when the sun goes down.

KennyMK6R so you wanna buy it, or just test it?
Posted:  07/19/2018 05:16:58
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Wild options list! Nice new avatar too lol
Posted:  07/19/2018 02:35:05
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Thanks guys !

DEFINITELY what an experience ! ... What surprised me was how easy the supercar drove when you are just cruising or/& at highway speed. Ride quality was amazing and I was still able to have a normal conversation with the sales rep.

BUT as soon as you put it into Sport mode, the exhaust sound is so AMAZING ! ...

This is a press car ( hence the California license plate ) from Lamborghini North America ... This particular Aventador S ( at the event, they had FIVE Aventador S roadster to choose from ), is almost fully-loaded ... It has the $ 22,000 Cdn exterior carbon fiber package, diamond-finish rims, the $ 25,000 leather interior, and the paint alone is $ 23,000 Cdn.
Posted:  07/18/2018 17:03:48
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It’s fine.
Posted:  07/18/2018 15:45:14
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As nice as the shot/scenery is, I'd say it's allowed lol. Shots just outside of events are allowed so I don't see why this wouldn't be permitted.
Posted:  07/18/2018 15:22:10
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Clearly not a 'spot' but a lovely picture and that S looks fantastic :)
Posted:  07/18/2018 15:16:05
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