Bugatti Veyron  |  Spotted in Cape Town, South Africa

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Bugatti Veyron spotted in Cape Town, South Africa

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    Cape Town, South Africa
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    Spotted at the Shell Garage in Fish Hoek main road, Cape Town
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Comments (19 total)
thanks for the info!!!

i hope he brings it down again soon, would love to see it on the roads. its this time of year when people start bringing down their super cars as we going into a beautiful summer season!
Posted:  11/13/2013 01:39:24
The Bugatti in question belongs to Lord Irvine Laidlaw who has a house in Noordhoek which belonged to another Brit Julian Aspinall..The Bugatti is flown over usually accompanied by an Enzo and one or two other cars. It is sometimes stored at a luxury car dealer in Cape Town.
Posted:  11/07/2013 08:54:22
i wonder where this has gone to. i would love to see it
Posted:  01/08/2013 15:22:59
I've only seen photos of it but it was a black and blue Veyron with GP number plates, the guy said he saw it near Sandton. Still haven't seen it myself but wouldn't be surprised if there was one in Gauteng aswel.
Posted:  08/15/2012 18:05:19
This is why I love the internet, 1 picture can start such a controversial discussion haha, great spot by the way! As far as I know there's only about 3 Bugatti Veyron's in the whole of South Africa your a lucky guy.
Posted:  08/13/2012 16:52:28
It's funny how SA has more better exotics than Finland.... Finland has no hypercars... Best cars that are registered in Finland are probably 2 Carrera GT, nothing else.....
Posted:  08/13/2012 16:17:35
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I admire supercars that are spotted in places, where you wouldn't expect supercars. I Believe that is the point of the site. This is a perfect example of what i'm talking about. I rather like the country, have met a few people from SA and even Zimbabwe, and they are very friendly.

As for the Veyron, lovely colour scheme, and nice view too :D
Posted:  08/13/2012 15:21:22
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@Mrauto, srew u dude. this is south africa one of the best place in the world. dont come to this web site with those negative comments. we all on this site because of the cars not the bull shit you saying

@alex83, very nice spot dude, the best in South Africa so far
Posted:  08/01/2012 03:21:33
@mrauto One of my brothers friends lives in an okay (maybe worse) neighborhood where I live, and his neighbor used to own a Ferrari 308.
Posted:  07/30/2012 13:43:33
Thanks for the comments guys lol. As said before, alot of people judge South Africa by what they see on television. I think the dude was probably passing through Fish Hoek, taking a drive around the coast and Chapmans Peak, because we tried following him, but obviously could not keep up lol. It had foreign licence plates aswell. I've seen quite a few cars around, a Pagani F Cinque at the V&A Waterfront about 2 years ago, with a R25.5 million price tag, one of only five in the world apparently, countless Ferraris and Lamborghinis, the Mercedes SLR, and the new Mclaren Mp4 12c. Lets take it easy on MRAuto lol
Posted:  07/29/2012 02:02:52
great spot :D yeah and i think it is the only veyron in SA besides the 1 that they were testing in the EC a few months back
Posted:  07/28/2012 13:44:17
whoa whoa whoa man what an overreaction, he said something, someone replied, leave it. big deal
Posted:  07/28/2012 10:01:49
I agree with my mate Adam, calm it guys
Posted:  07/28/2012 09:49:38
Christ, guy's chill. It a great picture just look and enjoy the photo don't argue about it, but it was quite rude of mrauto!! :L
Posted:  07/28/2012 08:30:46
Yea in SA a veyron costs +- R23 000 000, which is around $2 500 000
Posted:  07/28/2012 06:00:26
Wow! All my life I've wanted to see a veyron here in SA! Is this the only veyron in SA? And @mrauto, screw you
Posted:  07/28/2012 04:59:10
Oh yes..I forgot to mention that its not only Cape Town with a all the supercars. Johannesburg is also packed with them-Mclaren Automotive recently opened up a dealership along side an Aston Martin and a Rolls Royce dealership. Joburg also has the largest Porsche dealership anywhere outside Germany. Durban is also getting popular with supercars, this is where I stay, and I see a supercar every week. There's even a Durban based Supercar Club that was formed recently. People are rich here these days, a guy recently bought a Lambo Aventador, which actually costs $750000 here in SA. A distant relative of mine also owns 4 Ferraris, of which one he recently bought in an auction and payed just short of a million dollars...its a 599 GTO. He also owns a scuderia f430. I wish I was as rich as these people.
Posted:  07/28/2012 02:48:41
I'm quite annoyed that people still think of South Africa in the same way that @mrauto thinks. If you just take a look under "south africa" on this website, u will see that there are very expensive and rare cars that are driven regularly here in SA, SLR Mclarens, Zondas, Veyrons, Phantom's a questions for you: Why would they bring the new Pagani Huayra...and the new Bugatti Veyron Grand Sport Vitesse (both cars are new age hypercars) just to road test them here in south africa, before they go onto the market? A carsales in Cape Town, also had a super rare Koenigsegg CCXR Trevita (apparently there are only 3 in the world) for sale here in SA. Those guys also have a limited edition Pagani Zonda F roadster Clubsport edition...and just remember, the Southern Equitorial Ferrari Automobil Club is the biggest Ferrari club in the world, and its based in south africa...and please go and look at the property of south africa at this website called You will see many houses valued at over a million need to catch a wake up, coz the country I live in is no more like a racist trash can...its coming up to the top!
Posted:  07/28/2012 02:26:30
@ mrauto, I totally agreed with thewolf ... That is so rude !

Just because someone can afford a $ 1 million plus supercar does not mean he/she cannot live in a poor area ... There are a lot of people who drives very nice high-end vehicles but live in a decent area or third-world countries ... WHO KNOWS, maybe this Bugatti owner has a successful business in Cape Town, and he is so rich that he/she wants to drive a Veyron as not to miss his other Bugatti Veyron sitting at his/her mansion here in North America.

I have a buddy who lives in an okay neighborhood here in Vancouver, but pop open his four-cars garage and you will find a silver Mercedes C63 AMG sedan, a BMW 550xi M-Sport sedan, a Porsche Cayman S, and a Land Rover Evo Dynamic SUV sitting inside. All of his surrounding neighbors only drive "normal" vehicles like Camry, Taurus, ... does that mean he cannot live in that neighborhood ?

HECK, I am in that shoe if that is an issue ... All of the people living in my neighborhood only have a maximum of 2 vehicles and they ain't high-end at all, YET I have two cars worth almost $ 100k ( a 2009 Mercedes C350 4Matic sedan and a 2012 Porsche Panamerica 4S ) sitting in my garage - No !!!, the Porsche is not mine, it belongs to my sister ... and two other okay vehicles sitting in the driveway ... My daily driver ( 2010 VW Golf GTi ) and my 2001 Infiniti QX4 ( winter beater ). Does that mean I have to move to another house just because I have four okay nice vehicles and often also either a silver Gallardo coupe or a Porsche Cayenne Turbo S ( sister's boyfriend cars ) sitting outside my house ?

Another example is my boss ... His hometown is India ... He is currently over there setting up our new office / showroom and last week, he emailed us photos of his brand new Mercedes E63 AMG he just brought there, parked beside his black Lexus LX470 SUV.

Cars & Houses don't belong together, if you know what I mean ... It doesn't mean you cannot own and drive a Toyota Camry LE if you live in Beverly Hills, but it also does not mean you cannot own and drive a Bugatti Veyron if you live in the poorest area of East LA.

HELL ! ... You could live in the middle of Pacific Ocean and park a Bugatti Veyron in front of your mansion even though you can't drive it anywhere.
Posted:  07/28/2012 01:13:43
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