Bentley Continental  |  Spotted in Christchurch, New Zealand

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Bentley Continental spotted in Christchurch, New Zealand

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    Christchurch, New Zealand
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    Bentley Continental GT3 R. A EXTREMELY RARE car. And even rarer for NZ. 3rd time I saw it today. Also saw a GrandCabrio, a Mustang, a white GT-R, and a few Camaro, and a 911 Turbo S.
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Comments (30 total)
If it will let me lol
Posted:  02/19/2016 23:14:35
I will! I'll add you on fb to
Posted:  02/19/2016 23:12:41
There are lots of exotics in Auckland City on a Sunday! Literally tons. Enjoy spotting!! Post pics of what you see!!
Posted:  02/19/2016 22:34:01
It happens nnkt long ago and I'm pretty sure it's staying in NZ! I'll be going to Auckland tomroz and I'll see what cars are on the streets. Being NZ probably not much but I'll see
Posted:  02/19/2016 22:31:32
When did that happen?!? Also, is it still gonna stay in NZ??
Posted:  02/19/2016 21:56:22
The one-77 is sold to
Posted:  02/19/2016 21:49:19
Yeah. Wouldn't surprise me. Auckland is the 3rd most expensive city in the world to live in... Haha
Posted:  02/19/2016 21:03:19
Yes Auckland most likely. I'll ask next Saturday when I see them
Posted:  02/19/2016 21:01:44
Fairly certain of it. Was talking to the older guy who works there and he said it will be in Auckland, but I'm not too sure. It may be in Auckland, but it may do a trip around NZ. Like the Yellow SV I saw went all the way to Taupo, and then went back to Auckland and a few other places.

Haven't seen any photos of the Orange SV out and about on the streets, but I have seen the Orange SV already :) Seen 2/2 so far in NZ haha.
Posted:  02/19/2016 21:01:38
I'm guessing it's going to be in Auckland?
Posted:  02/19/2016 19:39:18
I always end up talking to the oldest guy that works there. Very nice lad. And yeah, had a decent conversation with him about it a little while back! Can't wait to see it. Do you know when it will get here?
Posted:  02/19/2016 19:30:08
It will be! I don't really talk to the sales man I talk to the boss lol. I'll be seeing them next Saturday/Sunday
Posted:  02/19/2016 19:12:01
Yeah, I talked with the people who work at the dealership and found out there would be an SV Roadster a little while back. Can't wait to see it! I heard the employees saying it would be Dark Blue!! Maybe I'm hearing things, but dang it would be great to see one!
Posted:  02/19/2016 13:09:45
Yes in NZ! Not sure who's buying it. Not confirmed yet so I'll ask next Saturday with the owner of thr dealers
Posted:  02/19/2016 09:02:23
Wow! In NZ! That's still pretty good! Who's buying it?
Posted:  02/19/2016 08:25:48
Not sure sorry will find out next weekend
Posted:  02/19/2016 06:45:08
SV roadster
Posted:  02/19/2016 05:30:55
No not a knoesig (bad spelling)
Posted:  02/19/2016 05:30:32
Is it a Koenigsegg?
Posted:  02/19/2016 04:58:23
What is it?!
Posted:  02/19/2016 04:58:05
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